George Blankenship

Business Speaker George Blankenship

Business Speaker George Blankenship provides keynote speeches that will motivate your organization to overcome challenges and achieve success. Drawing upon 30 years of industry knowledge, this expert will show you how to foster brand loyalty and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Blankenship is a former executive at GAP, Apple Computer and Tesla Motors who is credited with devising one of the most successful retail expansion strategies in history.

Early Life and Education

Early years in a child’s life are formative for their learning, behavior and health. These experiences set the foundation for future success in academics, behavior modification and health behaviors.

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Professional Career

George Blankenship is an executive who has collaborated with some of the technology industry’s most renowned figures. As senior executive for real estate at Apple, he worked closely with Steve Jobs to open the first 165 Apple Stores worldwide.

He previously served as Vice President of Sales and Service at Tesla Motors, revolutionizing the car-buying experience. Prior to that he was a Store Manager at Gap where he helped streamline their selection from casual clothing into more focused private label groups with an aligned vision.

He draws upon 30 years of international strategy, retail and real estate expertise to propel businesses toward innovation. He transforms established organizations into forward-looking enterprises that will thrive in the future.

Achievements and Honors

George Blankenship left a lasting positive impact on those he touched throughout his career. He was an esteemed surgeon, an efficient and brilliant practitioner, as well as an devoted teacher and mentor.

He was an esteemed leader of organized ophthalmology and an esteemed expert on retinal diseases. His accomplishments are many, yet his primary focus was always on his family.

Former executives from Tesla, Apple and GAP Inc, Blankenship has helped businesses embrace innovation to transform secure market contenders into dynamic companies of the future. His unique insight on cultivating an entrepreneurial culture that can be applied across any industry is unsurpassed.

Personal Life

George Blankenship has extensive experience working in the tech sector, and he understands how to set up innovative companies for success. He spoke with Business Insider deputy executive editor Matt Turner about Steve Jobs and Elon Musk’s visionary leadership style, as well as their strategies for success from day one.

He played an integral role in Tesla’s meteoric rise to fame and helped the company establish itself as a global brand. With his departure, Tesla will miss him immensely – both its employees and customers alike will feel the loss of such expertise and experience.

Net Worth

George Blankenship is an acclaimed business speaker with a deservedly impressive global reputation. His success can be attributed to hard work and determination – qualities which George Blankenship exemplifies.

George Blankenship has 30 years of international strategy, retail and real estate expertise to share with his audiences. As Senior Executive for Real Estate at GAP, he spearheaded an expansion drive that added over 250 stores annually while adopting an economical yet energy efficient growth strategy.

At Apple, he was renowned for creating their brand-building retail strategy that redefined customer experience in retail stores. As Senior Executive of Real Estate, he successfully implemented one of the most successful retail growth initiatives to date.

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