George Curran

George Curran – Bass Trombone Musician

The George Curran Artist Model bass trombone is the epitome of New York’s low brass sound. It boasts a lightweight axial-flow valve set that produces an inviting warmth with quick response and expansive tone.

George Curran is a renowned trombone soloist and clinician. He has participated in workshops around the world, such as Slide Factory, Arctic Trombone Festival, and Association of Spanish Trombonists.

Early Life and Education

George Curran was born on July 29th 1852 in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia to Irish bounty-migrant parents who had come over on board the Lascar in 1841.

His mother, Margaret Conba Curran, raised him after her father abandoned her nine years before George was born. Despite this setback, Margaret remained an involved mother and dedicated herself to schooling her children.

In 1866, the family settled on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia’s Cowichan valley and had eight children: Mary Ann, Eliza Jane, Ellen, Alice, William Jr, Julia, Margaret and Edith Rose.

Professional Career

George Curran is a bass trombonist who has performed with the New York Philharmonic and other esteemed ensembles. Additionally, he was part of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and New World Symphony as a fellow.

His recent solo recordings include Vital Signs and Legacy, featuring works by Gillingham, Gershwin, Bourgeois, Pierce and Verhelst. Additionally, he has contributed to many other recording projects such as an Atlanta Trombone Project disc entitled Roadwork and the Southeast Trombone Symposium workshop at Columbus State University.

His professional career spans three decades in the oil and gas industry. He began working for Marathon Oil Company in 1991, working across various basins such as Permian, Anadarko, Arkoma, Green River and Bighorn; also holding various management positions within the company.

Achievements and Honors

George Curran has an impressive academic record. He has earned several scholarships, been honored with numerous honors, and served as a role model to younger students.

He is a renowned trombone soloist and teacher, having performed concertos with bands at the American Trombone Workshop, Midwest Clinic in Chicago, as well as many collegiate ensembles.

He is a member of the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers and has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell as an accomplished lawyer. His practice areas include insurance coverage, defense, and litigation for insurance companies as well as environmental and occupational health & safety law.

Personal Life

George Curran is a musician best known for his bass trombone playing career. He currently performs with the New York Philharmonic and has extensive recording credits to his name. Additionally, George Curran has held faculty positions at Rutgers University and Montclair State University for many years.

Irish historiography has often overlooked Curran’s personal life, yet it is evident she had a vibrant social circle of close friends who played an influential role in her life.

This paper revisits Curran’s life through the analysis of archival records from three Cork families with whom she shared close friendships. These materials demonstrate that Curran was an influential figure within Ireland’s literary circles during the early nineteenth century, and her relationships with Chetwoods, Penroses and Wilmots play an integral role in her narrative.

Net Worth

According to estimates in 2023, Curran’s net worth will reach $5 million. His lucrative cricket career includes England Cricket Board match fees as well as his IPL contract with Kings XI Punjab, providing him with a substantial income.

He boasts a sizable social media following, which helps him generate an impressive income. Furthermore, he receives royalties from brands who sponsor his team.

Curran is a Zimbabwean and the son of Kevin Curran, an internationally-renowned cricketer, and Sarah Curran. He has two older brothers named Tom Curran and Ben Curran.

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