George Eppler

George Eppler and the Angels

At the start of his second year as Mets general manager, George Eppler’s team remains mired in inconsistency on the field. It remains uncertain if Eppler can build a winning squad during his tenure.

Thankfully, his reputation for integrity has served the team well during this challenging season. Now, he has given himself the chance to prove he can lead the Mets as they attempt to reestablish themselves in the Majors.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Eppler has been employed by the Angels since 2012 as their assistant general manager, where he has fostered an excellent working relationship with team executives.

Therefore, the organization has expressed interest in hiring him as their next General Manager. He boasts an impressive reputation as a baseball expert and has demonstrated his capacity to aid the team achieve success.

Aside from his professional career, he also has a stellar reputation as an outstanding father and husband. He works hard and enjoys gardening immensely; he has two children and three grandchildren. Additionally, he has earned several awards for his dedication to the sport over the years.

Achievements and Honors

The Eppler family hails from Bavaria, Germany and was renowned within their local community during the Middle Ages.

Jonathan Eppler and his wife Margaret Muller moved to Carroll County, Missouri in 1821 and raised six sons and two daughters there.

Isaac Eppler, one of Jonathan’s sons, immigrated to Gasconade County, Arkansas around 1850. He was an accomplished cabinet maker who constructed both houses and furniture.

He was a member of the Evangelical Church.

He married Sothie Hof, a native of Prussia, in 1857 and they had ten children – eight of whom are still living today.

Personal Life

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George Epler was born around 1849 in Illinois and passed away at age 66 in Pennsylvania in 1948.

He was the son of George Epler and Eliza Jane Epler (nee Huckleberry).

On March 31st 1878, Lloyd R Epler married Mary Louisa Washburn in Marriage Place, Illinois and they had four children: Lloyd R Epler, George D Epler and three other children.

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