George Falconer

George Falconer

George Falconer, an English professor, struggles to cope with his grief after the passing of his long-term partner. He ultimately decides to commit suicide and meticulously plans his last day.

On this day, George purges his safe deposit box and writes letters to those who still matter to him as he prepares to die. It’s an unsettling task, but George knows it is the only way out of his demons.

Early Life and Education

Falconer graduated from Fisk University in 1953 with a bachelor’s degree and minor in chemistry. Subsequently, she enrolled at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and earned her master’s degree there as well.

She taught math at Okolona Junior College in Mississippi while attending the University of Illinois-Champagne-Urbana during the summers of 1962-1965 and participating in a National Science Foundation (NSF) Teacher Training Institute during 1964-65 academic year.

Falconer moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1965 and joined Spelman College as an instructor. She served as chair of the natural sciences division and established several programs at the college such as NASA Women in Science Program, NASA Undergraduate Science Research Program, and College Honors Program. Furthermore, she founded a local chapter of National Association of Mathematicians.

Professional Career

George Falconer was a British-born horticultural writer and gardener, best known as an editorial staff member of the London Gardener magazine. Additionally, he published articles in numerous other magazines as well as editing his own horticultural journal called Gardening which ran from 1892 until 1925.

He was a landscape architect and worked on various projects. Additionally, he served as superintendent of the Botanic Garden at Harvard. His writing included essays about garden design, landscaping and the history of horticulture; he frequently contributed to several horticultural journals such as the New York Sun and Garden & Forest magazine. Furthermore, he published numerous books regarding gardening techniques. Additionally, his expertise in mushroom culture earned him him an international reputation; furthermore, he lectured frequently and spoke widely on related subjects.

Achievements and Honors

George Falconer is the author of several books on mathematics. Her first work, Quasigroup Identities Invariant Under Isotopy, was published in 1970 and she also published a paper entitled Isotopes of Some Special Quasigroup Varieties in 1971.

She became the 11th African American woman to earn a PhD in mathematics. Her research focused on loops and quasigroups, specifically their identities as invariants under isotopy.

Falconer is renowned for her work in gay rights, particularly her case against the Urban Alliance on Race Relations which set a landmark in the legal fight to end racial profiling. Additionally, she served on the boards of directors for both Human Rights Campaign and National Association of Colleges and Universities.

Personal Life

George Falconer is a middle-aged English college professor living in Los Angeles. In early 1962, his partner Jim tragically passes away in a car crash, leaving George reeling with grief and depression.

Living alone, George often experiences a sense of being disconnected from others and his environment. Even when his neighbors extend friendly greetings to him, their words fall on deaf ears, and news about the Cuban missile crisis barely registers with him.

Kenny Potter, a student, sparks his interest in his work and challenges his strict boundaries for student-professor conversation. This inspires him to see the world with new eyes; he also finds solace in Charley (Julianne Moore), who is also feeling lost after her husband’s divorce.

Net Worth

George Falconer is a British national with an accomplished career in architecture, television and writing. He’s best known for his work on popular renovation and home improvement shows.

He was born in County Durham, England and has always felt deeply connected to his home. With an affinity for architecture and design, his career has given him the chance to share this expertise with others.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates his net worth to be approximately $70 million. His extensive acting credits include the X-Men series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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