George Farias

George Farias

George Farias is a renowned and successful businessman. He founded and currently chairs several companies.

His ancestors emigrated to Laredo, Texas in the early 1790s. He is descended from Jose Antonio Farias who arrived as commander of a Spanish colonial military company.

Early Life and Education

George holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Georgia and has extensive expertise in community association law. Additionally, he serves on the board of directors for the College of Community Association Lawyers.

He has authored numerous articles and book chapters on community association law, as well as speaking at CAI conferences. In 2012 he received both the Educator of the Year Award from CAI-Georgia and President’s Award from CAI-National.

He has been an active participant in both the National and Georgia Chapters of CAI, serving on numerous committees and subcommittees over the years. Additionally, he has volunteered at local CAI chapters across America.

Professional Career

George Farias was an executive director at a community mental health center. His most remarkable achievement was a series of initiatives designed to improve patient and staff quality of life.

He was also proud to possess a rear naked choke, considered one of the most effective submissions in jiu-jitsu. A passionate practitioner, he claims to be among the best practitioners of his weight class when it comes to submission wrestling.

George Farias is an enthusiastic reader, collector and expert on U.S. Borderlands history and genealogy. He enjoys refueling through plant-based diets, running ultra marathons to push his mental limits and fly fishing as a means of connecting with nature.

Achievements and Honors

George Farias has earned a number of honors and recognition throughout his life, including the Gibbon Award, which honors those who have made noteworthy contributions to extracorporeal circulation research.

He went on to earn his Master of Science in Education from Our Lady of the Lake University and enjoyed a long and fruitful career as an educator, serving as football coach, assistant principal, and high school principal throughout Los Frenos CISD and Brownsville ISD.

He made a name for himself in the world of jiu-jitsu by competing at the highest level and earning multiple medals. His accolades include winning both the gi and belt as well as silver in CBJJO and bronze in open weight division at Mundial (World Championships).

Personal Life

George Farias’ life has been profoundly shaped by his family’s history. Since 1777, they have been an integral part of Laredo, Texas’s cultural landscape.

George Farias was affiliated with fifteen businesses during his lifetime, six of which remain active today.

We find no abuse of discretion by the district court in refusing to permit Farias a jury trial. Furthermore, we don’t find any fault with its refusal to order a name clearing hearing.

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