George Fennell

George Fennell

George Fennell is a retired music educator and conductor for the Lehigh Valley Pops Orchestra. Additionally, he hosts WDIY Classic every other Monday on WDIY Radio.

President of Carolina Waste & Recycling, Mark McIver, states his company accepts various types of waste from customers. These include asphalt, old corrugated containers (OCC), carpet and padding, concrete, bricks and blocks, metals, paper products, plastic items as well as tires and yard debris.

Early Life and Education

George Fennell’s childhood was full of adventure and excitement. He was born in Pennsylvania, living in a log cabin near where his son Bud now resides.

He worked in a sawmill north of Avola and mined silver on Foghorn Mountain and Gold Hill. Additionally, he built a bridge across the North Thompson River to access his timber berths.

In 1903, when he and Maggie moved to Chu Chua, he had a partner in the sawmill but preferred not to work alone. Maggie assisted him with clearing land.

Professional Career

George Fennell is an opera singer with a wide repertoire of concert and stage performances to his credit. He has performed roles such as Rodolfo in La Boheme, the Duke in Rigoletto and Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly.

In addition to performing onstage, he has served as an executive with several companies. Currently, he works as a corporate vice president at IDEXX Laboratories.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania’s Amish country, the Fennell family faced many difficulties as children. Despite their race, Zandra Maffett, their mother, was determined that her children would have a well-rounded education that didn’t limit them by negative stereotypes.

Achievements and Honors

George Fennell has earned a wealth of honors throughout his life. As an esteemed mathematics educator for decades, his contributions to the field are widely acknowledged and highly regarded by colleagues and students alike.

He has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics for his contributions to mathematics education. Additionally, he was recognized for his military service in the United States Navy.

Throughout his career, he has dedicated much of his time to researching and teaching mathematics. His mission is to ensure that all students have the chance to learn and master this subject.

He has long been known for his advocacy on behalf of his community and fellow citizens. His strong conviction that people should take an interest in their neighbors’ well-being and be more involved within their locality are hallmarks of who he is today.

Personal Life

George Fennell was born on October 1, 1858 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and has resided in Armstrong county (near Bethel) for the past twenty years as a farmer.

He has eleven children, eight sons and three daughters. He belongs to Homewood Baptist Church and his sons are active in various local fraternal organizations.

He was an active member of his community and volunteered for numerous local organizations. His dedication to mentoring youth will be sorely missed by his family and friends.

Net Worth

George Fennell is a Canadian sports investor and entrepreneur. He founded Golden Star Resources, one of Canada’s most successful mining companies.

Fennell is an accomplished football player. In 1978, he earned the CFL Most Outstanding Defensive Player title and went on to be named a Western All-Star the following year. Additionally, Fennell is a member of both the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Alberta Sports Hall of Fame.

Fennell had an estimated net worth of $456 thousand dollars as of 14 February 2013. He has made two trades of IDXX stock since 2012, according to a Form 4 filed with the SEC; he owns 143 units of this stock. Additionally, Fennell owns investments in waste, real estate and hospitality businesses; he co-founded Lowcountry Hotels LLC which operates and manages several hotels in Charleston.

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