George Fink

George Fink

George Fink has spent four decades building and leading resource companies. His businesses are successful because they manage their capital well.

He has earned himself a place of respect within the industry, sitting on the boards of several influential groups.

Early Life and Education

Early years in a child’s life are crucial for their brain architecture to form. What they experience and encounter during these formative years will have lasting effects on their physical, emotional, social and cognitive health throughout their lifetime.

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Professional Career

Fink is a renowned businessman with expertise across various industries, such as oil and gas. Under his leadership at Bonterra, the company has managed to stay on track despite an apparent slowdown in production growth.

He’s a composed, unflappable leader who understands the value of patience and perseverance, according to former colleague Rodger Tourigny. The two met while studying at university and eventually worked together at Canadian independent Ranger Oil.

He’s a highly esteemed academic, renowned for his research contributions. A member of the MRC Brain Metabolism Unit in Edinburgh and visiting professor at universities around Australia, England and New Zealand, he has authored more than 360 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Achievements and Honors

George Fink has earned numerous accolades and awards for his artwork. His images have been featured in renowned publications such as GQ, Vanity Fair and Detour.

He has also earned recognition for his political photographs, which depict the disparities between different classes in New York.

Professor of biology at MIT, Fink was honored with the James R. Killian Faculty Achievement Award in 2018. This accolade recognizes his “extraordinary professional achievements.” Additionally, he was named American Cancer Society Professor of Genetics.

Personal Life

Leroy “George” Fink was a dedicated family man, who loved his loved ones and did his best to give back. He also had an infectious laugh that lit up any room.

George relished bowling, camping and going to auctions in his free time. He also had an intense affinity for Curious George, a cartoon monkey with whom he felt incredibly connected.

Fink has had a storied and successful career in the resource extraction business. He founded gold producer Comaplex Minerals in the 1980s, which was sold to Agnico Eagle in 2010; additionally, he founded and served as CEO of oil and gas producers Bonterra and Pine Cliff Energy.

Net Worth

George Fink boasts a net worth of $570 million, earned through his role as CEO and chairman of money management giant BlackRock. Additionally, he founded several companies in resource extraction such as gold producer Comaplex Minerals and Bonterra Energy Corporation; additionally, he served on the boards for Pine Cliff Energy and Raging River Exploration Inc.

His career success can be attributed to his vision and leadership abilities. His companies use their capital wisely, and they have come through many tough industry downturns with flying colors. He has served as an inspiration for many through the use of his talent effectively. Now a billionaire, this man possesses all the resources needed to make a positive impact on this world.

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