George Garrick

George Garrick – Tech CEO, Board Member,

Advisor and Investor

George Garrick is a tech CEO, board member, advisor and investor with expertise in digital, mobile, data science and analytics, media production as well as software/SaaS offerings.

He has been involved with multiple growth stage companies and turnarounds, raising over $230 million in venture capital funding. Furthermore, he has guided five enterprises to successful exits.

Early Life and Education

Garrick was born in Lichfield, a garrison town where his father Peter served on recruiting duty. His family of French and Irish heritage had settled there.

At a young age, he was an active participant in theatrical activities. Although his parents hoped that their son would receive a good education, they did not have the resources to send him beyond local grammar school.

He chose to pursue law and entered Lincoln’s Inn on March 9th 1737. Unfortunately, his father passed away the following year, leaving them with a PS1,000 legacy from an uncle that enabled them to leave for London with their older brother Peter.

Despite his difficult beginnings, Garrick’s talent was undeniable. He brought youthful vitality and naturalism to Shakespeare’s tragic heroes and had an immense impact on many actors. Additionally, he was an accomplished writer whose works remain popular today.

Professional Career

George Garrick was an accomplished businessman who held several senior executive positions with Chicago-based Information Resources, Inc. His expertise lay in risk sciences and he led a team of engineers working on power plant availability engineering projects.

He authored more than 250 technical papers and reports on risk, reliability, and engineering. Additionally, he co-authored a handbook on “Power Plant Availability Engineering” and served on the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in Washington D.C.

After returning from his 1763-65 tour of Europe, Garrick felt exhausted and uncertain about returning to the stage. To test the waters before making another appearance on stage, he wrote The Sick Monkey pamphlet in which he poked fun at himself; but soon enough his confidence returned as he played Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing by Royal Command on November 14, 1765.

Achievements and Honors

Garrick enjoyed an illustrious career as an actor, being widely regarded as the greatest of English stage actors. His performances drew large audiences to London’s outlaw theaters in Goodman’s Fields.

He was an accomplished natural actor with a remarkable gift for elocution and action, which he inherited from his mother. This talent enabled him to perform with an intensity that rivaled that of many of his contemporaries.

Throughout his lifetime, he continued to act and write. His groundbreaking acting style had a lasting effect on British theater.

He achieved great success as a high jumper and was consistently ranked among the world’s best. In October 1946 he earned himself an athletics blue from Glasgow University and went on to represent Scotland against England and Ireland with international honours.

Personal Life

George Garrick was an eminent doctor who held several prominent medical positions across America. His specialty in sports medicine earned him widespread respect and he passionately supported international athletics for many years.

He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated with honors from Purdue University. Subsequently, he relocated to London, where he achieved success as both an actor and playwright.

David Garrick was the third son of Peter Garrick, a retired army officer, and his wife Arabella (d. 1740). Their paternal grandfather David de la Garrique was among those Huguenots who emigrated from France after the revocation of Nantes’ edict in 1685.

Net Worth

George Garrick is an accomplished serial tech CEO, board member and advisor with expertise in consumer, advertising and promotion. He has held key leadership roles at Flycast Communications, FREE-411, Mochi Media and TapJoy.

He is renowned for his leadership in digital ad technology and helped shape the basic Web ROI ad model that still applies today. A frequent keynote speaker and pioneering thinker in CPG advertising and marketing measurement, he continues to shape these industries with his insights.

He is an honors graduate of Purdue University with dual bachelor’s degrees in engineering and mathematics as well as an MS in management. In addition, he has served as guest lecturer at Purdue, Northwestern, UCLA and the University of Chicago.

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