George Hendee

George Hendee

George Hendee was an accomplished bicycle racer who also achieved great success in business, founding the world’s largest motorcycle company. His accomplishments stand as testament to his integrity and hard work.

In 1901, George Hendee recruited Oscar Hedstrom to build gasoline engine-powered bikes for use in bicycle races. Their creation proved powerful and reliable, earning the company a reputation for exceptional performance.

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Professional Career

George Hendee began his professional cycling career as a racer on bicycles. In 1886, he won the National Amateur High Wheel Championship of America and held it until 1892.

After his racing career, Hendee developed an interest in building a practical motorcycle for everyday people. While visiting Madison Square Garden, he met fellow bicycle racer and motorized pacing bike builder Oscar Hedstrom who offered to assist him with developing such a machine.

They joined forces and designed the first gasoline-powered bicycle to pace bicycle races. This machine proved powerful and reliable, earning them a reputation for excellence. They opened their first factory in Springfield, Massachusetts to produce this machine.

Achievements and Honors

George Hendee was a celebrated bicycle racer who went on to achieve great success in business, creating the world’s largest motorcycle company. Additionally, he served as an advocate for education.

Hendee was America’s first national cycling champion and set a world record in 1886 for a half-mile dirt track which he held until 1892.

In 1901, he joined Carl Oscar Hedstrom to form America’s first manufacturing company to mass produce gasoline-powered motorcycles – later known as The Indian Motocycle Company.

Before his retirement in 1916, Hendee farmed Guernsey cattle and White leghorn chickens on 470 acres of land near Suffield. Additionally, he maintained an expansive garden on his estate.

Personal Life

George Hendee was an accomplished bicycle racer and manufacturer from Watertown, Massachusetts. Additionally, he generously sponsored numerous bicycle races and events.

After retiring from his manufacturing business, he moved to Hilltop Farm in Suffield, Connecticut and raised Guernsey cattle and white leghorn chickens until 1940 when he sold the farm.

His papers contain fragmentary business records of the Hendee Brothers Horticultural Firm, personal letters to Dee Hoult Hendee, property records, wills and genealogies. This collection is accessible to the public.

George Hendee enjoyed an active social life during his professional career. He frequently hosted dinners and luncheons for friends. Additionally, he belonged to various clubs and organizations and served as a prominent figure in his community with many close friends and relatives.

Net Worth

George Hendee was the co-founder of Indian Motorcycle, an American automobile manufacturer. Before his retirement at 49 in 1916, he built Hilltop Farm and a 17-room Manor on 470 acres in Suffield, CT where he raised Guernsey cattle and White leghorn chickens. Although he had no children, June Hale devoted her life to caring for him and his wife Edith; compiling an extensive archive of photos, newspaper articles and other documents about her uncle.

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