George Hsu

George Hsu – A Life of Courage and Steadfastness

George Hsu was born in Chongqing, China and spent his early years growing up amid war-torn conditions that taught him courage, perseverance, and love. At a young age he left China for America as an immigrant.

For the love of his country, he joined the US army and served in Vietnam. Upon returning home, he and his wife Kathy built a medical practice and farm near Elgin, North Dakota – both peaceful small towns known for their farm heritage.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Professional career is the culmination of one’s educational, personal and social pursuits throughout their lifetime.

George hsu dedicated much of his professional career to studying anthropology and cultural behavior patterns across different cultures, particularly China, Japan, India and the United States.

He wrote numerous articles and books on various anthropological topics. His most renowned work, Americans and Chinese: Two Ways of Life, was first published in 1953 and revised twice for new editions.

Achievements and Honors

George Hsu has earned a host of awards and honors during his life. He served in the United States military for over 30 years, earning the rank of colonel.

He has also been recognized for his contributions to the community. He served as board member of Rocket Innovation (a Toledo nonprofit) and is the chair of the University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio.

He holds a double major in information management and technology from the School of Information Studies and finance from Whitman School of Management. As a Remembrance Scholar and recipient of various scholarships and awards, his passion lies in inspiring young adults from Syracuse’s campus as well as beyond to achieve success.

Personal Life

George Hsu lived a life of integrity, courage and steadfastness that was testament to his experiences on the Great Plains of North Dakota. These qualities were his legacy to those around him and we salute his legacy today.

He was a dedicated family man and loyal friend. A farmer and rancher by profession, he took great pleasure in working on his land.

In his free moments, he was active within the church. He taught Bible classes and answered numerous requests for preaching services.

He was an early proponent of a peace conference between Northern and Southern governments, traveling to Paris in 1919 as an advisor to the Chinese Delegation.

Net Worth

George Hsu is a renowned American award-winning Journalist who currently works as anchor and reporter at ABC 7 in Chicago. She has earned the respect of her viewers by consistently providing professional, accurate reporting – something which sets her apart from other broadcast professionals.

She has reported on many major news stories throughout her career as a journalist, including reporting from the White House and providing live coverage of O.J. Simpson’s trial from the courthouse.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $569 Thousand as of 16 February 2021, and owns 67 units of Super Micro Computer Inc stock.

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