George Laganas

George Laganas

George Laganas is a Pape Avenue butcher who has found fulfillment in his profession and life. As the son of his father Theo, George operates Ellas Meat Market on Greektown’s Greektown side of town – an operation which he loves!

He and his father have evolved with the times, adopting to the rise of Beyond Meat and veganism. But they know that change will continue.

Early Life and Education

George Laganas was born in Greece into a family that valued education. He spent his formative years in Lowell, Massachusetts where he attended public schools.

At an early age, George showed an aptitude for reading and rigorously exploring new topics. This trait in his personality provided him with a solid foundation on which to build upon in the future.

He went to university to study sociology, which gave him an in-depth knowledge of human behavior. This insight enabled him to launch Ellas Meat Market in 2008 and has seen tremendous success despite challenging economic times. He’s catered for film crews making movies in Massachusetts as well as musicians performing at Lynn Auditorium. Furthermore, he enjoys butchering beef sides using an antique butcher’s block for added satisfaction!

Professional Career

George Laganas had a long and distinguished career as a senior executive at Metcalf and Eddy, on track to becoming one of the company’s highest ranking officials before it closed its doors in 2006. He will be remembered for his innovative approach to customer satisfaction management and delivery. Notable achievements of George Laganas include his creation of a customer care and service department and establishment of its customer retention program which still exist today. Not only that, but his leadership and organizational abilities were equally impressive; as the most senior executive at the company he successfully led through significant changes such as implementation of new processes, technologies, and customer service initiatives.

Achievements and Honors

On Salem State University’s website, george laganas – senior vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty – has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. Most recently, he was named the Distinguished Professor of the Year. His commitment to teaching, research, and service to his department are truly inspirational. A graduate of Harvard University, he served as assistant professor of economics at MIT before publishing numerous articles in leading journals like American Economic Review or Journal of Industrial Economics. Additionally, he has taught at Yale University and UC Berkeley campuses as well.

The man in black is an engaging and friendly individual, a joy to be around. Throughout his tenure he has developed strong bonds with students and faculty alike, being especially noted for his willingness to go the extra mile in support of students with special needs or those needing financial aid. Furthermore, he has generously given of his time both physically and virtually helping students succeed both inside and outside the classroom setting.

Personal Life

George Laganas lived a life full of adventures, friendship and success. He was an ambitious individual who made the most of every opportunity and was always there for his family.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of his children and their education. He encouraged them to reach for their aspirations, which they duly did.

In his free moments, he loved to explore nature and the outdoors. Maintaining his garden, fixing up antique cars, and caring for his home were all pleasures that brought him joy.

He loved sports with a passion, was an avid Red Sox fan and enjoyed relaxing on the golf course. Additionally, he traveled frequently; visiting Bermuda often. Most importantly, he was an adoring husband and father to two daughters.

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