George Laventure

George Laventure

George Laventure was an acclaimed American film composer, creating music for hundreds of films including more than 350 feature movies and television series.

He composed music for ballets, documentaries and short films alike. A prolific composer with an exceptional knack for melody and creating subtle overtones, his work was widely admired.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George has had the distinct honor of being a part of Louisville Ballet since 2012, and his dedication to dance shows no doubt shows. Not only onstage, but he’s an important member of their offstage ensemble in various leading roles. Additionally, George has appeared at bar performances during some memorable musical shows. With a glass of bourbon in hand and some bets ready to go, George is more than qualified for any after-dinner wagers that may follow.

Achievements and Honors

George Laventure is one of the world’s renowned oceanographers and has an illustrious career that spans more than 80 films and several books.

He has earned numerous honors and awards throughout his career, most notably being named to the National Geographic Society’s list of 100 Most Influential People in 2006.

His award was in recognition of his contributions to marine sciences, conservation and education. Additionally, he received the Poseidon/Lifetime Achievement Award from Reef Check and was elected to the Global Green Board of Directors.

Personal Life

George Laventure was a highly decorated veteran, having served two and half tours in Vietnam. Upon his return home to his family in Ephrata, PA, he continued his military service until the age of 70 when he passed away at the home of his beloved dog ‘Buster’.

Joseph LaVenture was the son of Joseph LaVenture and Libbie Elizabeth Laventure (born Bos). His sister Hattie Margaret followed behind.

He served as resident minister at the Baptist Mission on Delaware lands in Kansas during his lifetime, and he wed Catherine Jane Trapp[1,2,3] in 1844.

Dr I N Blanchard stated that between 1843-4 and 5, he served as Minister of the Gospel at a Baptist Mission among Delaware Indians in what is now Kansas Territory. He had an intimate relationship with Lewis Laventure, a nominal half breed Kaw Indian, and in or about 1844 his role as Minister of the Gospel saw him wed Lewis to Catherine Jane according to law and Baptist denominational rituals at said Mission.

Net Worth

George Laventure has an estimated net worth of $35-49K. His vast portfolio of stocks and bonds generates income for him.

He achieved success through a combination of business and financial savvy. He has been actively involved in the growth and development of several media companies.

In addition to his investments, he also runs an education nonprofit. For this work, he has received numerous awards and recognitions.

He is a member of the New York City Council and trustee on the board of Vistamar School. Additionally, he serves on Points of Light Foundation and Soroptimist International boards, in addition to being an active participant in Tri Delta National.

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