George Luce

George Luce was both a dedicated soldier and community member. As part of the United States Army Reserves he served as Special Forces team commander.

George Jr. and Larry, step daughter Elizabeth, like-family daughters Amanda and Keri as well as 6 grandchildren Leanne James Robert USMC Phillip Olivia Matthew and many friends and family.

Early Life and Education

George Luce hails from Port Jefferson and graduated Trinity-Pawling School before attending Northwestern University on his GI Bill benefits, where he eventually studied business at LIU Riverhead and earned a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, George served in the Army National Guard as Special Forces team commander.

After witnessing Germany’s early successes in World War II, Luce realized that America could no longer remain isolated from international affairs. He advocated an armed intervention to save Europe and a new postwar order dominated by America.

Clare Boothe Luce’s work was heavily shaped by her marriage, Clare Boothe Luce, two advisers – Whittaker Chambers and Victor Lawson – and their beliefs that communism was an evil religion that needed to be countered with Christian zeal and national strength.

Professional Career

George Luce has secured numerous successful jury verdicts, motions and appellate victories on behalf of his clients in state and federal court. Additionally, he founded Texas law firm Hughes & Luce LLP.

He was raised in Port Jefferson, New York but attended junior high school in Maracaibo, Venezuela before returning home and finishing his education at Trinity-Pawling School.

Luce first became fascinated with professional wrestling while digging through old newsprint sports sections for ball, strike and stolen base stats. While Luce was researching these statistics he became intrigued with professional wrestling’s early barnstormers who traveled around under various names to wrestle in different cities across America night after night – Kenyon wrote of him and noted his contribution as having done more to advance knowledge about this country’s wrestling history than anyone else – an honor well deserved by Luce himself!

Achievement and Honors

George was an exemplary family man and generous philanthropist, leaving behind an invaluable legacy – the George School.

He combined formal math models and psychological experiments to understand thinking and reasoning across a wide variety of human behaviors, including individual and group decision making under uncertainty. His work profoundly changed both psychology and economics.

Luce was dedicated to improving research and teaching at universities. He served on many renowned scientific committees and contributed significantly to achieving the goals of the Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences as president in 1988-91. Furthermore, throughout his life Luce tirelessly supported colleagues and acted as mentor for students; his dedication was one of the primary reasons he received the National Medal of Science award.

Personal Life

George leaves behind his daughter Amy Mank and Kirby; son Wayne Luce; grandchildren Tammy Luce, Gary Stewart, Karen Stewart Lexi Doak Haley Mank Martha Swett from Bethel; brother Roger Luce from Orlando Florida as well as numerous nieces and nephews who loved woodworking with him, attending fairs and playing cribbage with them all. He enjoyed woodworking with Wayne alongside going to fairs as a hobby.

His academic interests included everything from philosophical issues in Christianity to Henri Bergson. Additionally, he was an established playwright with The Women a Broadway comedy which ran for 657 performances; Kiss the Boys Goodbye an anti-Nazi play; and Margin for Error an anti-Nazi drama all being published plays by him. Additionally he belonged to several clubs such as Yale Coffee House Union Racquet Tennis Cloud among others, favoring baggy clothes, buttoned-down white shirts with buttoned down collars and solid color ties for dressing conservatively.

Net Worth

Today, his legacy lives on through his family, professional achievements, public service efforts and social entrepreneurship activities. He has successfully handled billion-dollar mergers and litigation as well as served on various Texas public boards and commissions.

George Jr. and Larry, Elizabeth (his step daughter), Amanda and Keri as well as six grandchildren Leanne, George Robert (USMC), Olivia Matthew and Phillip are left behind after his passing – along with an abundance of friends and extended family he left behind to carry on his legacy of living a full and rewarding life – may he rest in peace.

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