George Majoros

Monsignor George Majoros

George Majoros is a Co-Managing Partner of EagleTree Capital, having first joined its predecessor firm Wasserstein Perella & Company in 1993. As member of EagleTree’s Investment Committee, he oversees all consumer products investments for the firm.

Prior to joining EagleTree, he practiced law with Jones Day. Additionally, he served on the Boards of Directors of several companies such as ALM Media, American Seafoods Group, Collins & Aikman, Harry & David, MasterCraft Boat Company, Maybelline Paris Presents So Delicious Dairy Free Sunbelt Plastics and Yardley of London.

Early Life and Education

George Majoros had an avid interest in reading and sports as a child, as well as engaging in community service projects.

As a teenager, he worked at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in New Britain Township and there he met then-Cardinal Karol Wojtyla.

Majoros recounts how this encounter profoundly shaped his life. Subsequently, he went on to become a priest.

Over the years, he has often shared this tale. It helped him form a bond with Pope Pius XII, who was canonized as a saint on Sunday.

He was appointed by Pope Francis to serve as a Missionary of Mercy in February 2016. Through this ministry, he strives to bring God’s healing touch to people everywhere.

Professional Career

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Achievements and Honors

Monsignor George Majoros earned many accolades throughout his life. He earned the distinction of becoming a University of Michigan alumnus and held several illustrious positions in both public and private sectors.

His tenure as City Manager of Sharon, Pennsylvania and other cities around the country showcased his remarkable leadership and management abilities. Furthermore, he had perfected the art of budgeting and making informed decisions with the public’s best interests at heart.

George’s greatest legacy, however, was his family. He had four children and loved them more than life itself. George also made an exemplary dad, husband and grandfather; taking great pride in helping his sons and grandsons make their mark on the world.

Personal Life

George Majoros was an Orthodox Greek Christian devoted to his family and culture. As both father and grandfather, he made it possible for his four children to earn degrees from the University of Michigan.

George was actively engaged in public service throughout his career, serving as city manager of several small towns in Pennsylvania and then as a township trustee in Michigan.

He decided to forgo school as a teenager so he could assist Cardinal Karol Wojtyla on his trip to Our Lady of Czestochowa shrine in New Britain Township, Pennsylvania.

He met Pope John Paul II for the fifth time, in Rome in 1998. That meeting would be their last, and he remembered it as a powerful moment.

Net Worth

George Majoros Jr is a Co-Managing Partner at EagleTree Capital, Lp, having first joined its predecessor firm Wasserstein Perella in 1993. His expertise lies in mergers and acquisitions, contested takeovers, corporate and securities law; furthermore he serves on EagleTree’s Investment Committee.

George Majoros, a director and 10% owner of Corsair Gaming Inc, has an estimated net worth of $926 Million as of 2023-03-10. He owns 56,300,771 shares of Corsair Gaming Inc’s stock; his most recent insider transaction was buying 2,121,212 shares on 15 November 2022 for $34,999,998, which is significant considering insiders typically sell 4,289,515 shares per 131 days. For further insight on Corsair Gaming Inc’s insider trading history, please consult the Insider Trading Tracker table.

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