George Mandas

George Mandas

George Mandas is an award-winning DJ and producer who has released multiple albums as well as over twenty tracks featured on compilations. He’s collaborated with numerous artists and labels such as N.Y.’s Shadow Records, Cooking/Good Looking, Dsofa, Pork and Gamm to name a few.

He is also a member of the alternative nu metal band blend, offering much to the electronic music scene.

Early Life and Education

George Mandas was raised in Liverpool, England by his loving and supportive parents.

He attended Transylvania University, studying history, philosophy and theology. Ultimately becoming a renowned writer and musician.

Following his studies at Transylvania University, he joined the Lewis and Clark Expedition as part of their team. They traveled together to Missouri and Kentucky on their exploration journey.

While at Transylvania University, he formed friendships with classmates Stephen Austin and Henry Clay. These men would go on to become prominent citizens in their time and continue to shape America in many positive ways today.

Professional Career

Professional careers are occupations requiring specific skills and knowledge. These abilities can typically be acquired through formal education, training or on the job experience.

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Achievements and Honors

George Mandas has earned numerous honors and awards for his remarkable accomplishments. He received the National Honor Society Award, Senior Achievement Award and U-M Academic Merit Scholarship.

He has received the Purple Heart and Army Achievement Medal as well as recognition from the University of Michigan Alumni Association.

He has been a member of several musical groups, such as Blend and the Alternative-Nu Metal band. Additionally, his music has been released on various labels like N.Y. Shadow Records, Cooking / Good Looking, Dsofa, Pork, Gamm, Rebtuz (Tru Thoughts) and Lovemonk to name a few.

Personal Life

George Mandas was a loving husband and father of four. He also achieved success as an accomplished physical therapist.

He was also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was sealed for time and eternity in the Oakland California temple.

His hobbies included traveling and reading. Additionally, he was an enthusiastic sportsman and amateur photographer.

He had an affinity for art and music, becoming close friends with many musicians such as Leonard Cohen, Peter Paul, and The Who. Survived by his wife, daughter, siblings and numerous grandchildren, he will be greatly missed.

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