George Sherouse

George Sherouse – A Lifelong Thinker

He possessed an infectious joy of life, inquisitive intellect, and boundless creative energy. A brilliant thinker who could identify the core issue behind any issue with ease.

He achieved many notable accomplishments, among which was creating GRATIS, the first modern graphical user interface-based three-dimensional (3D) treatment planning system. His contributions to modern radiotherapy treatment planning were truly groundbreaking.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Sherouse made a lasting impact on medical physics during his years as a professor. His groundbreaking discoveries and inspirational lectures served to further advance this discipline, and he always conducted himself with high integrity and candor.

His work included the development of GRATIS, the first modern graphical user interface-based three-dimensional (3D) treatment planning system. Through his contributions to clinical radiotherapy planning, many patients have benefited from his expertise.

He was an incredible supporter of students and trainees, creating an atmosphere where physicists could come together and exchange ideas. We will all miss him dearly. Special thanks go out to Dan Pavord, James Nunn, Per Halvorsen, Jeffrey Garrett, Sonja Dieterich, and James Goodwin for their insights and contributions to this obituary.

Achievements and Honors

George Sherouse was a clinical medical physicist who developed GRATIS, the first modern three-dimensional (3D) treatment planning system with an intuitive user interface. Additionally, he pioneered virtual simulation to enhance patient outcomes.

He published peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, as well as making numerous presentations at national and international conferences. Furthermore, he made a significant effort to mentor young medical physics practitioners and dosimetrists.

He was an active member of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), serving as founding member and former president of its Southeast Chapter. Additionally, he represented AAPM at World Congress on Radiology as their representative. Furthermore, he authored their most recent Code of Ethics and served on its board of directors for two terms.

Personal Life

George Sherouse had a special bond with his family and friends. As an active community member, he was renowned for his kindness and generosity. Additionally, George served as an accomplished physician in Campville, FL.

George Sherouse was an esteemed leader in medical physics and passionate about issues surrounding safety and quality, ethics and professionalism. He authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters as well as presenting his research at national and international conferences.

He was an active AAPM member and served on many committees. His presentations were thought-provoking, often challenging physicists to reevaluate their own positions on certain topics. He was a valued mentor and inspiration to many; dedicated to furthering the profession while inspiring AAPM members to take action.

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