George Simington

George Simington

George Simington is an award-winning designer renowned for his work. Currently, he creates three collections.

As a boy, George was mesmerized by the Fire House and would observe it from outside Lorenzano’s grocery store. When Captain Gene Haley invited him to join them at their station, George quickly won over all of the firefighters’ hearts.

Early Life and Education

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UNESCO believes that an effective early childhood education program can be one of the most powerful tools for social cohesion, gender equality and holistic development. Additionally, it nurtures a child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth.

Professional Career

George Simington’s professional career has spanned several industries. Before becoming a Federal Communications Commission member, he served as Senior Counsel to Brightstar Corporation – an international mobile device services company.

He worked as both a private attorney and in government. He earned his law degree from the University of Michigan and two Masters degrees from the University of Rochester.

In addition to his duties at the FCC, he served as trustee for the University of Michigan Foundation. With extensive expertise in telecommunications regulations gained through his legal career, he holds memberships in both the American Bar Association and Washington, D.C. Chamber of Commerce. Now settled in Virginia with his wife and three children after growing up in Saskatchewan Canada, he became an American citizen in 2017.

Achievements and Honors

George Simington had a profound effect on his community. He was a beloved friend and helped many in need throughout the city, as well as advocating for fellow firefighters and their families.

He was an exemplary member of both Indianapolis Fire Department and Union 416, always having a smile on his face no matter who he encountered.

He was a truly special individual and will be deeply missed by all. He made the Indianapolis Fire Departments an even better place to work, made those events more joyful, and generally made everyone around him a better person.

Personal Life

George Simington, affectionately known to the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) as “Papa”, had been an integral part of their team since he was 10 years old.

He was always a warm and friendly individual who loved his family and friends. His greatest joy came from watching his grandchildren and great-grandchildren blossom into adults.

Commissioner Simington is a native of Saskatchewan, Canada and was granted his green card in 2007. He holds degrees from the University of Michigan Law School and University of Rochester; additionally, he earned a Masters in Music Theory from Eastman School of Music.

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