George Simonick

George Simonick

Simonick has been the cornerstone of the Buffalo Sabres hockey organization for half a century. He serves as team historian, psychologist, motivator, prankster and shoulder to cry on.

He’s a veteran of over 3,700 NHL games and was inducted into the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers Hall of Fame last year. Additionally, he was inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

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Professional Career

Over his five-decade career, Simonick has served as a stick boy for both Boston Bisons and Buffalo Sabres, serving as team historian, psychologist, motivator, and prankster.

He may be the most well-known equipment manager in hockey, but his legacy goes much deeper than that.

When he’s not playing hockey, he spends time at home taking care of his wife and daughter. In the offseasons, he and his older brothers get to spend time with ponies that race at Old First Ward Stable in Buffalo.

He even came up with an inventive way to travel by bus instead of airplane – perfect for when the weather is bad. And he’s still proud of it today!

Achievements and Honors

He’s one of the most renowned equipment managers in the National Hockey League, a man with expert hockey knowledge. Additionally, his expertise extends to other arena fields such as team history, psychology and motivation.

He has earned himself a hat trick of awards and is a member of both the Buffalo Sabres and Greater Buffalo Sports Halls of Fame. Additionally, he was honored with one of hockey’s most coveted accolades: an induction into Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame.

He is a proud father to Ryan and LeighAnn Simonick, an affectionate husband to Sherry, clinical psychologist, well-known prankster, and man of many mishaps. With the Sabres having an excellent chance at winning the Stanley Cup this season, he eagerly anticipates it.

Personal Life

George Simonick had a deep-felt affection for his family and friends. An avid sportsman, he spent much of his free time watching horse racing in his spare time.

He worked as a security officer at Hutch Tech High School and was an avid Buffalo Sabres fan. Additionally, he volunteered his services with the Salvation Army and was part of Rotary Club activities.

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Net Worth

George Simonick is an expert real estate investor and manager of a multi-million dollar portfolio. He also runs his own YouTube channel where he shares his insight on stocks, cryptocurrencies and financial news.

His net worth is believed to be in excess of $20 million, largely due to his earnings from YouTube.

He has earned substantial dividend payouts from the shares he owns. As of May 2022, he is married to Barbi Benton and they have two children.

He began his career at the bottom and worked tirelessly to reach this point. Today, he has accomplished much and is considered one of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

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