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George slefo is a Staff Reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times and an accomplished journalist with over two decades of experience. Prior to that, he served as military reporter intern, senior editor at The Trade Desk and staff reporter-technology for Advertising Age. To find out more about George slefo including his email address, phone number and networks, you can search our extensive database of 700 million verified professionals.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Slefo has been in journalism for more than a decade and currently serves as Senior Editorial Manager at The Trade Desk, overseeing their flagship newsletter The Current. This weekly email provides marketing, advertising and technology news and insights to over 2,300 subscribers each week.

The Trade Desk, headquartered in New York City and with 23 offices around the world, is renowned for its patented self-serve platform that enables advertisers to manage data-driven digital campaigns across various platforms such as display, social, native and video. Established in 2008 and privately held, their annual revenues are estimated to top $500 million. Prior to joining The Trade Desk, Slefo served as technology reporter of the year at Ad Age where his coverage ranged across adtech, martech and telecoms topics.

Achievements and Honors

George Slefo has been inducted into Ad Age’s esteemed Hall of Fame. A veteran of both the Chicago Sun-Times and The Trade Desk, he is the latest addition to this esteemed group of journalists. Before taking up this new role at LinkedIn as technology editor, Slefo had a storied career in various media outlets covering everything from murder and mayhem to technology and consumer trends. It would appear that his latest move may prove the wisest yet – it certainly makes for interesting reading material!

He has received multiple honors, such as being named the best newsletter of 2017. George Slefo may not be well-known to some, but he is an impressive individual with a knack for technology and passion for advertising.

Personal Life

George Slefo is a journalist who covers technology, marketing and consumer trends. He currently works as Senior Editor at The Trade Desk and hosts The Current podcast which ranks in Apple’s Top 100 most listened-to marketing podcasts. Furthermore, George is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Army with expertise in these areas.

He is a member of several professional associations and has been published in multiple magazines. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago, currently resides in Glenview, Illinois, and you can find more details about him on his official website and social media accounts. These public records include his date of birth, education background, employment history, family members and more – all recorded since 1981 with Italian ancestry.

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