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George Spector Net Worth

The Gilded Age is an HBO period drama that transports viewers back to 19th century New York. Starring Morgan Spector, the show has already gained a large fanbase.

He portrays George Russell, a robber baron and new money billionaire who wields his power to get what he desired. On this week’s show, George blackmails a colleague into attending his daughter’s debutante ball.

Early Life and Education

George Spector began his professional life as a musician. He joined the Teddy Bears, an all-girl band he formed with three friends from high school.

He began producing records at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles, California and eventually signed a record deal with Era Records.

As a producer, his work in the studio earned him a reputation for using strings and heavy instrumentation. He produced Ray Peterson’s “Corinna, Corrina” and Curtis Lee’s “Pretty Little Angel Eyes,” both of which made the Top 10 in 1961.

He co-produced Yoko Ono’s album Season of Glass, her first project after John Lennon’s passing. As an influential force in art pop and creating genres such as art rock and dream pop, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

Professional Career

George Spencer has earned acclaim for his work, including an award-winning television commercial for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Additionally, he has designed fabrics, hand-blocked wallpapers and trimmings.

He is a consulting partner in Spencer Stuart’s Financial Services, Private Equity and Financial Officer practices. He conducts executive and board search assignments for large multinationals, mid-cap companies and emerging financial technology firms alike; additionally leading their board effectiveness practice in North America. A frequent speaker at international conferences on board related matters for publications such as Harvard Business Review, he has received multiple Lou Rieger quality awards as well as being named an NACD “Rising Star of Corporate Governance” for his work on this topic.

Achievements and Honors

George Spencer earned a number of accolades for his academic and professional accomplishments. He was presented with both the AAG Distinguished Scholarship and Teaching Honors as well as the AAG Media Achievement Award.

He was also recognized for his involvement with several international organizations. He served on the board of directors of the American Geophysical Union and was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

George was an enthusiastic college basketball and Boston Red Sox fan, as well as an avid reader and traveler. He was immensely proud of his accomplishments at Columbia University.

Personal Life

Spencer was a classical liberal and an agnostic, fiercely opposing socialism. Additionally, he strongly believed in individual rights for all citizens.

In 1857, Spencer published ‘Progress: Its Law and Cause’, in which he applied the concept of evolution to human society. In this work, Spencer proposed that everything in nature moves from simple to complex over time.

He wrote books on a range of subjects, such as geology and paleontology. His interest in geology began with his discovery of fossils while working on the railroad track.

Later on, he ventured into sociology writing the classic ‘Study of Sociology’. Additionally, he produced numerous articles on the topic which formed the basis for ‘The Principles of Sociology’.

Net Worth

Despite his imprisonment as a music producer, he managed to amass an impressive amount of royalties from hits like You’ve Lost That Loving Feel. Estimates place his net worth around $50 million and he still owns all rights to his vast catalog of songs.

In his lifetime, he collaborated with bands like the Ronettes and Crystals. Additionally, he invented a technique known as Wall of Sound which became popular during the 1960s.

He was known for being a gun-obsessed individual who owned multiple firearms and threatened his former wife Ronnie Spector with a hitman if she attempted to leave him. Additionally, he lavishly spent money on cars and properties while living an extravagant lifestyle.

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