George Trujillo

George Trujillo

George Trujillo is an internationally acclaimed data architect and leader, with expertise in real-time analytics. He assists C-suite executives in discovering ways to extract value from their data ecosystem more rapidly.

He is a co-founder of DataStax and has built successful teams to fulfill data value-driven initiatives at organizations such as Charles Schwab and Overstock.

Early Life and Education

During the United States’ occupation (1916-24) of Dominican Republic, george trujillo joined the National Guard trained by U.S. Marines, quickly rising through ranks to become a high-ranking officer with impressive leadership capabilities.

In 1927, after the revolution in Santiago, he took control of the country’s military and eventually became President of the Dominican Republic; a position which he held for 31 years.

His policies promoted diplomatic and economic ties with the U.S., but his government often clashed with other Latin American nations. Additionally, he encouraged migration of European refugees into his country, thus expanding the tax base and increasing white populations in the Caribbean nation.

He also formed an alliance with the military and used this leverage to thwart opposition to his rule by placing family members in office. These measures led to the assassinations of several political opponents.

Professional Career

Trujillo excelled in both professional and personal life. He had a beautiful wife named Darla who provided him with unconditional love and care throughout the years. Trujillo possessed great faith and an affable disposition.

He is survived by his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as the parents Joe and Mary Trujillo who preceded him in death. Additionally, his wife and children survive him.

George worked for the Railroad for 30 years, then transitioned into the Postal Service where he delivered mail from Oak Creek to Kremmling. He loved his family immensely and was immensely proud of them; his stepson William (Butchie), stepdaughter Lynde, as well as numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren all lived happily with him. Tragically, George will be greatly missed by those he left behind.

Achievements and Honors

George Trujillo achieved many remarkable things during his lifetime. One major triumph was joining Suicidal Tendencies, an American band known for its metal music.

Trujillo was also a founding member of Pap Smear, a punk band formed in 1984 by him. His influence over the group’s sound saw them move away from its hardcore punk roots towards more aggressive metal music.

He was also elected to the American Law Institute, an organization dedicated to improving the legal system through research and scholarly writing. Members of ALI are chosen based on their professional achievements as well as their commitment to furthering this field of law.

Personal Life

George Trujillo was a hardworking family man who deeply loved his wife and children. He was an incredible husband, father, grandfather to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He loved singing and playing music with his family. Additionally, he took pleasure in fishing, gold panning and painting.

His life was filled with involvement in the American Red Cross as a radio operator and Grace Community Church in Jefferson.

He was married to Darla Kuntz and they had a daughter Melina Dillon and son Joe. Additionally, he had a stepson William/Butchie and stepdaughter Lynde Sales. Over time, many more grandchildren and great grandchildren joined their family until his departure on August 16, 2022 to be with our Lord.

Net Worth

George Barrett has an estimated net worth of $118 million. Since 2013, he has made 14 trades of Target Corp stock.

Trujillo achieved fame as a bassist for heavy metal band Metallica and also worked with Ozzy Osbourne. Of Native American and Mexican descent, his heritage is vast.

In addition to his work with Metallica, he has performed in various other bands. He was part of the hybrid whip metal band Suicidal Tendencies and also sang for funk metal supergroup Infectious Grooves.

He is married to Chloe Trujillo and they have two children together: Lula, an artist, and Ty, a musician. Their love is truly special; it fills them with immense happiness and joy as the family embraces life fully.

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