Germany import: Kehrmaster sweeper

With the Kehrmaster sweeper Kehrmaster sweeper: removes rubbish, leaves, grit and also snowis a quality broom for quads, ATVs and UTVs. Quad Handel Quern is the German importer of this sweeping and sweeping machine; Arnold Erichsen’s team has a large selection of municipal and work equipment and equips ATVs and quads for work. Arnold Erichsen has converted vehicles and equipment such as trailers, snow shovels, loading cranes, gun holders and cable winches in his range.

Kehrmaster sweeper: Germany import via Quad Handel Quern

The work use of ATVs and side-by-sides is one of the most popular in our scene.

At Quad Handel Quern you will not only find conversions and accessories such as snow blades, which are installed on almost all ATVs, but also the Kehrmaster sweeper. The possible uses of this machine range from removing rubbish, leaves, grit and also snow. In this respect, it is a helpful work tool for private individuals, farmers, cities and communities, construction sites and companies.
Kehrmaster sweeper: Honda engine with 160 displacement and 5 hpThe Kehrmaster sweeper is powered by a Honda engine with 160 displacement and 5 hp. With a universal mounting frame, the Kehrmaster sweeper is quickly mounted on the vehicle and is suitable for almost all ATVs and side-by-sides. With a width of 1.15 meters, the ATV sweeper achieves quick results when it comes to sweeping, sweeping and shoveling snow. A brush is lowered at the push of a button, with the help of the electric cable winch.
Alternatively, a warning snow blade can be attached to the front: the carrier designed by Quad Handel Quern is suitable for holding both systems.

Availability & Price

The Kehrmaster sweeper is available from Quad Handel Quern at a retail price of 2,499 euros. chk

Contact: > Quad Trade Quern

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