Give jump-start help without a negative pole on the battery?

So far, we have always connected the jump starter cable very simply to the + and – poles of the respective batteries. But now we had a problem with a new Citroen C3 Aircross: The battery did not have a negative pole or it was not accessible. Bridging is still very easy:


Instead of negative pole: Connect to a sturdy metal part in the engine compartment

If the negative pole of a vehicle is not visible or accessible in the engine compartment, the ground (i.e. the black cable that is otherwise attached to the negative pole) becomes simple directly on an unpainted metal part in the engine compartment clamped. According to the Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection, this connection is the technically correct one anyway! The black cable is to be connected to a sturdy metal part in the engine compartment. According to our manual for the Citroen, this is the engine mount, it could also be attached directly to the engine block. It worked wonderfully for us! We recommend a jumper cable with large terminals and at least 5 meters in length. Then the encoder vehicle does not have to be driven so close and the clamps hold securely even on larger metal parts.

batterie ohne minuspol 2

Connection to the engine mount

Important: It is essential to observe the correct order when connecting!

1. Red cable on the positive pole of the giverconnect the battery
2. Red cable on the positive pole of the Takerconnect the battery
3. Black cable at the negative pole of the giverConnect the battery (here always at the negative pole, unless it is not available)
4. Black cable (always) on one stable, unpainted metal part in the engine compartment of the Recipient vehicle associate
5. Start the donor vehicle, then ideally wait 30-60 seconds and start the recipient vehicle. If it does not start as usual (in older vehicles), accelerate several times
6. Cable in reverse order take it off again
7. Receiver vehicle absolutely let it run and ideally take a longer tour to charge the battery

Also, we always recommend to be on the safe side gloves to wear. Never connect the plus and minus poles!
No time for a charging trip? Then you can use a battery with a battery charger (we use this Bosch device for about 45 €) if you have a socket at the parking space. Often the battery is then almost fully charged again overnight.

Jump-start with a power bank instead of a donor vehicle!

If you don’t have a donor vehicle, you can now use one Jump start device Give jump start! We tested a start-up power bank from Audew in the video and were thrilled by how easy and well it works. These power banks are available for around € 60-80 on Amazon. They only weigh about 500-600 grams. If you regularly charge them at home (simply using the USB charger), the little helper is always available to start and you save yourself the need to maneuver and organize a donor vehicle!

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