Glass Animals How To Be A Human Being Rar

After releasing their debut album, ZABA, in 2014, Glass Animals toured extensively and played over 150 shows in 2015. The band’s sound is eclectic and combines hip-hop and indie rock, although their funky tracks occasionally veer into the realms of hip-hop. The band’s second studio album, How to Be a Human Being explores all aspects of touring, including their quirky personalities and collaborations with Joey Bada$$.

The album is a beautiful blend of psychedelia, neopunk and neopsychedelia. Dave Bayley became obsessed by these fictional characters to create unique songs. “Take A Slice” features shredding pedal-heavy guitar licks and swirling vocals. The instrumentals create an atmosphere and atmosphere that is timeless. “Agnes” is the album’s standout track. The band’s distinctive voice conjures images of a dreamy, heavenly setting.

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