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Glassouse Device – Control Technology Hands Free

GlassOuse is a wearable device created to assist users in controlling technology without using their hands. Worn like glasses, it connects via Bluetooth with electronics like desktop PC’s, tablets and adaptive joysticks or switches for seamless control.

This system tracks head movements and enables cursor manipulation as well as clicks via a blue mouthpiece that can be bit or pressed between lips to click, perfect for people living with disabilities such as tetraplegia, MS, ALS and cerebral palsy.

Early Life and Education

GlassOuse was initially launched through an Indegogo campaign and has been used by thousands of people to connect their technology in homes, schools, rehab centers, hospitals, support communities and support communities worldwide. Worn like glasses it enables those with various types of disabilities to control phones, computers, tablets and Smart TVs with simply head movement alone.

It features a 9-axis gyroscope to accurately track even minute movements and can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. Users make clicks by biting down on an ergonomic and easy to use mouth button that produces clicks for every use case and clean up easily afterward.

GlassOuse can accommodate an assortment of assistive switches, including the G-Switch Series that utilize short circuit low signals. This provides greater versatility for different user groups and needs.

Professional Career

Since its introduction in 2016, GlassOuse has been used by thousands of people globally to connect computers, mobile phones, tablets and Smart TVs. Worn like a pair of glasses, GlassOuse enables users to control these devices with simple head movements – the first truly convenient device of its kind ever invented!

It also acts as an interface for adaptive switches and joysticks connected via 3.5mm connector, featuring durable materials with non-skid bottom to prevent it from moving while pressing.

This device can connect with various types of switches through its 3.5mm mono jack input or through dwell software directly, and may even be upgraded with an extra click option through a puff switch for additional click options. Plus, its lightweight construction and fold-flat feature makes for convenient storage and transport!

Achievement and Honors

Glassouse is an assistive device designed to assist those living with disabilities control technology HANDS FREE. Working like a computer mouse and connecting via Bluetooth, Glassouse features a 9-axis gyroscope capable of sensing even subtle head movements to move its cursor accordingly.

It has been designed to assist people living with various disabilities, such as ALS, Tetraplegia, Dysmelia, Multiple Sclerosis, Repetitive Strain Injury and Cerebral Palsy. There are different modes that can be adjusted to meet the needs of each user.

Mehmet Turker was inspired to design this device after witnessing a friend develop an illness which rendered his arms completely immobil. Through crowdfunding campaigns and hard work he brought it to market – with plans underway to upgrade and extend its functionality in order to accommodate more disabilities.

Personal Life

Wearable device that resembles glasses to help people with disabilities work and play video games without using any hand movement is now available for sale. Utilizing a 9-axis gyroscope, the wearable can track head movements and convert them into mouse clicks on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

As each individual’s needs vary, this device can be attached to various switches and accessories suited to their requirements, such as bite switches, puff switches, finger switches, foot switches and any other adaptive switches compatible with it.

The latest edition of GlassOuse boasts an improved handle design that’s stronger and more comfortable for long-term use, upgraded sensitivity settings, Bluetooth 4.0 support for faster connectivity speeds, as well as a battery that lasts 150+ hours of active usage.

Net Worth

GlassOuse was introduced as an assistive technology solution in 2016 and since then has assisted thousands of individuals who are physically limited in accessing technology. The device can be worn like regular glasses and comes with different switches to meet different disabilities.

Track your head movement using an inbuilt 9-axis gyroscopic Bluetooth 4.0 head mouse, providing pixel-perfect accuracy on a mobile phone, computer, tablet or Smart TV screen. Furthermore, it connects seamlessly to assistive switches and clickers for maximum accessibility.

The GlassOuse Bite Switch allows users to perform click functionality with their mouth or teeth and is available with three pressure levels for easy control of computers or tablets for those living with physical disabilities such as spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or ALS.

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