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Graham Livestock Handling Equipment

Graham began this company in 1983 to manufacture livestock handling equipment. Through years of hard labor on his family ranches, Graham developed an appreciation for high-quality equipment which performed reliably under real world circumstances.

At the feedyard, a beef cattle nutritionist (akin to a registered dietitian for cows) formulates personalized diets using ingredients such as steam-flaked corn, wet brewer’s grain, rice bran and cotton seed hulls tailored specifically for each animal.

Early Life and Education

Graham built his businesses and his reputation upon an unfaltering work ethic. While attending Texas A&M as a student, Graham didn’t have “two nickels to rub together.” Yet his drive for success and belief that hard work would pay off were unshakeable.

His family has always placed great emphasis on education. Gayle Gentis became the inaugural graduate from Jenks High School while Ray Graham has served on the Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent’s Office board for over three decades.

Graham Livestock School provides cattlemen from around the globe with continuing education courses on herd management, artificial insemination and more. Our classes combine classroom instruction with “hands on” ranching training under actual on-farm conditions.

Professional Career

Josh Graham grew up working alongside his Graham Family ranches as a child. This unique perspective gives Josh an edge when it comes to understanding the beef industry. He knows first-hand just how hard farm families work to provide quality meat and wants consumers to understand the importance of supporting local farms.

Their feedyard is an integral component of beef production, as this is where cows are prepared before being sent off for slaughter. Their manure recycling program keeps their environmental compliance regulations up-to-date.

Feed rations for each cow are tailored specifically to them by working with a cattle nutritionist who uses creative solutions to repurpose materials that humans cannot eat such as brewer’s grain mixed in with steam-flaked corn, rice bran and cotton seed to provide personalized feed rations tailored specifically for them.

Achievement and Honors

Graham is widely recognized for breeding some of the top quarter horse stallions and broodmares in the industry, serving as president for both Texas Quarter Horse Association and Texas Thoroughbred Breeders Association as well as receiving various awards and recognitions throughout his career – such as being named an Outstanding Alumni by Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Graham has long been an ardent supporter of Young County and its youth. He founded the Graham Western Heritage Center and currently sits on the board for Star of Texas Rodeo.

Recently, he received the Sir William Young Award from the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS). This accolade recognizes breeders who create world-class livestock.

Personal Life

The Grahams raised wheat, corn, oats, head feed, cotton and vegetables. Nora raised hens that provided eggs and dressed turkeys that she sold locally – Gayle Gentis recalls people coming up to her door demanding her grandmother’s eggs and turkeys!

Graham is an avid reader and enjoys hiking and camping near his home in the mountains nearby. Additionally, he remains involved in civic life, frequently attending Billy Graham Evangelistic Association board meetings when possible.

At Graham Land and Cattle Company feed yard in Gonzales County, Josh Graham takes great pride in caring for his cattle, neighbors in Guadalupe Valley and the environment. He employs innovative measures such as bunk reader mounted on horseback to measure how much feed left “on the table”, enabling him to improve rations accordingly.

Net Worth

Graham Weston, founder of IT hosting provider Rackspace, boasts an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion. His first business venture was marketing organic pork through newspaper advertisements; since then he has pursued entrepreneurial opportunities throughout his career.

Graham Land and Cattle’s feedyard is the final stop for all beef before reaching grocery store shelves. Josh Gray, financial manager of Graham Land and Cattle’s operation explains how their feedyard recycles manure while conducting regular tests on soil to ensure compliance with environmental standards.

Euan and Kaye Murdoch sold their Herron Pharmaceuticals business to Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis in 2003 and since have focused their energies on their beautiful Beaudesert grazing property and intensive Wagyu breeding and growing operation at Nindooinbah. Through philanthropic giving they have brought down their net worth below this year’s minimum inclusion level.

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