Great and original ideas for your Christmas decorations

Can something as traditional as Christmas decorations surprise us? It’s hard to imagine, right? It would also be a Christmas miracle! The modern apartment design makes it quite possible. We can adapt our decoration more and more to our own conceptions and ideas.
That is why the familiar symbols, colors and patterns are viewed in a new context.

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Immerse your home in a sea of ​​Christmas tree decorations. Do not limit yourself to just the Christmas tree in the living room, but use it to decorate the fireplace, window niches and benches and other interesting architectural elements in the room.


Dream about Santa Claus

Are you still dreaming of Santa Claus and the nice gifts he can bring you? There’s nothing wrong with that, on the contrary – you can make something very special out of it. Decorate the walls of your bedroom with Christmas decorations and wake up cheerfully to the mood of this festival.

christmas decoration

Use the Christmas gifts and postcards in decoration

Perhaps you would like to start with the Christmas postcards and gifts in November? Then where do you stow everything in the meantime? This can be turned around for your own benefit if we use the beautiful postcards and the nicely packed Christmas gifts as wall decorations.

Christmas table-festively-decorated

Special decoration for the Advent season, here all in white

You can put yourself and your family in a Christmassy mood by making special decorations for the holiday season. This is pretty handy because you can also use these for various events during the festival season. For the climax of the Advent season, you only need an additional accent, which ensures a celebratory conclusion.


Make your own Christmas decorations and enjoy the results

The glowing Christmas tree, the various candles, colored fairy lights and shiny mirror surfaces can add a warm, inviting touch to your home. Surround yourself with them in this dark, yet mystical and reflective time of the year.


Experiment with Christmas recipes and master different goodies for family and friends

You certainly want to host perfect celebratory meals. We can only tell you one thing about this: Practice makes perfect. Try different recipes – choose completely new or familiar ones, but add improvements.

Wall murals in Christmas patterns are a very good option for transforming the house. With it you can give your own four walls a whole new look. These wall papers can be applied to certain surfaces. It is better not to use a wide area on walls, but rather choose smaller areas, for example the front door of the kitchen cupboards. Use adhesives that will not damage the surface.


Hang the socks on the mantelpiece

Prepare for Santa Claus by hanging socks on the mantelpiece. You can use several of these to create a playful and warm mood.

rustic room christmas table

Is the Christmas tree your stunning central accent in the room decoration for Christmas?

Possibly this breathtaking central element is the Christmas tree itself. If you do not want to use a large and representative one for the interior, you can proceed differently – you can make a side or coffee table something particularly representative by placing a smaller tree on it.

Dress up solemnly!
Pay a little more attention to your home clothes! Choose something happy and celebratory that is also very comfortable. That already gets you in the mood for Christmas. Dear ladies, why not experiment at home with a few different variations for make-up, dresses, manicures? Because Christmas also brings a lot of warmth and love.


Celebrate the most beautiful festival of the year in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere!

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