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Great decorating ideas with bird cages

These trendy decorative objects are by no means only intended for pet owners. With their romantic and filigree appearance in nostalgic vintage style, the bird cages are all the rage. They look particularly romantic and gorgeous on the windowsill or on the dresser. Enchant the atmosphere in your home with these home accessories!

Design ideas

We start with a unique idea. In this photo, the elegant silver-plated birdcage houses a beautiful chandelier. This delicate combination sets a stylish accent and would go best with any shabby chic ambience.

Fantastic chandelier in the birdcage-stylish solution for the interior in shabby chic lighting chandelier romantic birdcage accent modern decor

Fantastic chandelier in a birdcage-stylish solution for the interior in shabby chic style

If your goal is cosiness and comfort in the decor, you could choose the soft lighting with candles. The bird cage and the candles exude a symbolic attraction. The retro-style decor adds a lot to the antique and dreamy look.

Create cosiness in retro style with candles - birdcage stick candles, romantic lighting mood

Create comfort in retro style with candles

Here the suspended cage as a shelter for candles has a stimulating effect. As a decoration in the garden, it plays the role of a hanging pot and looks surprisingly graceful and Victorian.

Elegant flower design for your garden-Set a wonderful accent with flowers and candles-Birdcage Garden garden design hanging pot tapered candles lilac blossom moss

Elegant flower design for your garden

As a home for natural or artificial plants, the cage has a unique and delicate look. As a table decoration, or paired with candle holders – this is how you create a very romantic atmosphere at home.

Romantic table decoration with birdcages and flowers for weddings decoration ideas table decoration wedding white flowers centerpiece candle holder

Romantic table decorations with birdcages and flowers for weddings

Flower decoration made anew-fresh idea for the veranda or the garden pavilion-bird cage flower decoration DIY pink green

Redone flower decoration

Some bird cages have a powerful effect that only antiques can otherwise do. With a nostalgic touch, this cage doubles as a bird feeder and a hanging clock. A great unique idea for a living room with high ceilings.

Nostalgic touch in the interior with vintage birdcage decoration idea birdcage steampunk sepia clock shabby chic ornate frame

Bring a nostalgic note into the interior with vintage items

In this photo the lampshade has been converted into a cage. This adds industrial flair to otherwise soft white furnishings and Chinese ceramics.

Soft design in light blue, white and yellow-birdcage living room stool Chinese ceramic garden chairs

Soft design in light blue, white and yellow

Let yourself be further inspired by our picture gallery!

Decorative bird cages as accessories decoration ideas antique bird cages living room bouquet of flowers garden design

Decorative bird cages as accessories

Birdcage as decoration for Easter-White birdcage retro decoration ideas fireplace console Easter Easter

Bird cage as a decoration for Easter

Playful place cards on the wedding day-a unique idea for your special day-name cards place cards bird cage wedding romantic rose petals

Playful place cards on the wedding day

Decorative birdcage with decoration of artificial plants-antique gold-plated metal birdcage table decoration urban living design

Decorative bird cage with decoration of artificial plants

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