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Great DIY ideas for homemade Christmas decorations

Every year we celebrate Christmas at home and it’s always magical and cozy. The whole family is together, good friends and relatives come to visit and it shines and sparkles everywhere. Christmas is always wonderful! The festive Christmas tree stands next to the fireplace and exudes all the charm of the festival. Does that sound familiar to you? Surely you are already waiting impatiently for the run-up to Christmas, when you and your children will be decorating your whole home, right? If that’s the case with you, then you’ve come to the right place. Because in this article we want to show you interesting DIY ideas, how you and your little ones can make unique Christmas decorations and look forward to the big family celebration.

Home-made Christmas decorations exude rustic charm.

Stickerei Reifen Zapfen Weihnachtsschmuck mit rustikalem Flair

  • The crafting of Christmas decorations means a lot of joy and fun for young and old

Here with us you will find creative ideas and practical tips for homemade Christmas decorations. We don’t want to take you back to grandma’s time, we just want to awaken your creativity. The Christmas decorations shown here exude a lot of rustic charm on the one hand, but on the other hand they go well with any Christmas decoration. Plus, you can flaunt your own artistic work and always be proud of it. In addition, it is easy to imitate, because you don’t need anything special for it and you don’t have to spend any additional money. All you have to do is use your ingenuity and get to work. The following DIY ideas for homemade Christmas decorations undoubtedly offer you great opportunities to teach your little ones creative thinking and dexterity. When making Christmas decorations, the joy of work is just as great for parents and children.

Make little sledges, decorate them and use them to decorate the Christmas tree

Kleine Schlitten basteln schmücken als Weihnachtsschmuck verwenden

  • Simple DIY ideas for Christmas decorations that have a big impact

You probably know as well as we do: the beauty lies in the small details. For this reason we have decided to show only very simple ideas for ornaments for the Christmas tree in this post. Most of them are made of natural materials or the gifts of nature have been skilfully staged. Many look retro or vintage, but charming and Christmassy! There are also ideas that have a personal touch and therefore make your Christmas decorations appear very individual. Here you will even find craft ideas for a strange Christmas decoration in boho style. In general, there is something for every taste and style!

Glue a photo on a suitable base and the Christmas decorations are ready! Even with a personal touch!

Foto auf Holsscheibe kleben Weihnachtsschmuck mit persönlichem Touch

You can make these snowflakes together with your children after a walk in the park.

Weihnachtsschmuck basteln Schneeflocken mit rustikalem Touch

Now scroll through our picture gallery and let yourself be inspired for your own individual Christmas decorations! The editors wish you a lot of fun with handicrafts and good luck!

These boho-style arrows are made from thin branches and then decorated with feathers and wooden balls.

Pfeile in Boho Style mit Federn und Holzkugeln geschmückt Weihnachtsschmuck selber basteln

These poinsettias are easy to imitate.

Selbstgebastelter Weihnachtsschmuck Weihnachtssterne aus Garn

With colored fairy lights you provide the right lighting on the Christmas tree.

Glaskugel mit CD Stücken Weihnachtsschmuck

The glass balls can be filled with colorful candies and other small treats and hung up as Christmas decorations

Glaskugeln mit bunten Bonbons gefüllt Weihnachtsschmuck

Anyone can make this little fir tree from scraps of fabric and use it as a Christmas ornament

Kleine Tanne aus Stoffresten basteln als Weihnachtsschmuck verwenden

We wish each other a lot of joy and hope for Christmas

Weihnachtsschmuck Ornamente Freude Hoffnung Glauben

As a little surprise for your little one or as a nice gift idea

Geschenkidee oder Weihnachtsschmuck Armreifen mit Pompons

Candles and glitter are part and parcel of Christmas!

Weihnachtsschmuck basteln Teelichter viel Glitzer

Merry Christmas!

Süßigkeiten in Glaskugel als Weihnachtschmuck verwenden

Celebrate nicely with homemade Christmas decorations!

Brandmalerei Weihnachtsschmuck basteln Schneeflocke auf Holzscheibe rustikaler Look

Babys erstes Weihnachsfest passender Weihnachtsschmuck

Einmachglasdeckel Mason Jar als Weihnachtsschmuck

Alte Lampen als Mini Schneekugeln Weihnachtsschmuck selber basteln

Kleine Weihnachtsbäume basteln als Weihnachtsschmuck oder Geschenkidee verwenden

Brandmalerei Schneeflocken auf Holzscheiben Weihnachtsschmuck

Hängeornament mit Nachricht Weihnachtsschmuck selber basteln

Schneemanns Hüte als Weihnachtsschmuck selber basteln

Weihnachtsschmuck basteln aus Korken Rentiere

Kleine Fäustlinge stricken als Weihnachtsschmuck aufhängen

Lichterkette Weihnachtsbaum Ornamente aus Karton

Weihnachtsschmuck Ornamente selber basteln

Schneemann Tanne Weihnachtsstern selber basteln Weihnachtsschmuck

Weihnachtsschmuck selber Basteln einzelne Ornamente

Weihnachtsschmuck Ornamente

Weihnachtsschmuck selber Basteln

Hirschkopf Weihnachtsschmuck selber Basteln einzelne Ornamente

Französisches Macaon Ornament als Weihnachtsschmuck

Vintage eihnachtsschmuck als alten Landkarten

Kleine Lampen mit buntem Glitzer Weihnachtsschmuck

Weihnachtsschmuck kleine Ornamente in Rahmen

Kleiner Vogel aus Samen basteln Weihnachtsschmuck

Weihnachtsschmuck glänzender Stern Kugeln Schleife

Tannenzapfen in grau silber bemalt Weihnachtsschmuck

Vögel als Weihnachtsschmuck selber basteln

Schön geschmückter Weihnachtsbaum Weihnachtsschmuck aufhängen

Weihnachtsschmuck einzelne Ornamente aus Holz

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