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Great DIY ideas for the backyard that don’t cost a lot of money

Seasoned home and garden owners say there is plenty to do outside in all seasons. And that’s exactly right. If you want to make your outdoor area comfortable and introduce a very personal touch, you often have your hands full. Today we want to support these people and all interested parties with great DIY ideas for the backyard. In this article, we show what you can create yourself to make your backyard even more homely. Just don’t be skeptical because you can do it! Just use your imagination and you will definitely create a unique garden design that your friends and neighbors will admire.

DIY Ideen Hinterhof viele Blumen Eimer Wasserfall einfache Materialien

These great DIY ideas for the backyard will make your outdoor area colorful and calming.

  • Go green! Create a colorful oasis to relax in the back yard!

The backyard is the ideal place to fully enjoy close contact with nature. Therefore it has to be embedded in the green as much as possible. Evergreen plants are in demand here, colorful garden flowers bring a more cheerful mood and are always great eye-catchers. You will soon see many such examples of DIY ideas in the backyard in our gallery. These charm with their natural charm and score with the fact that they do not cost a lot of money. So everyone can imitate them and look forward to a colorful backyard all summer long.

Baumstamm als Podest Blumen in Vase und Topf Kraniche Gartenfiguren DIY Ideen Hinterhof

These DIY ideas for the backyard emphasize the natural charm of the outdoor area.

If you have manual skills and ingenuity, you can even try assembling your own pergola. It doesn’t have to be too big, but above all it has to offer a comfortable place to relax. When building, think about suitable lighting so that you can spend numerous evenings outside with close friends and family in the subtle light.

DIY Ideen Hinterhof Pergola zusammenbauen schön gestalten

This pergola can be assembled by yourself, right?

DIY Ideen Hinterhof Lichterketten leicht und kostengünstig nachzumachen genügend Licht

These fairy lights are easy and inexpensive to imitate, but they bring enough light in the evening

  • DIY ideas for a kid-friendly backyard

All parents know best: Children like to play in the backyard and spend a lot of time there in summer. If you want to give your little ones a lot of joy, then build a tree house, a sandpit or a pool for them. All of this can be done with little effort. Online you can find detailed instructions for such DIY backyard ideas and create a perfect playground for your little treasures.

DIY Ideen Hinterhof ein Baumhaus bauen den Kindern viel Freude bereiten

A tree house gives the little ones a lot of fun playing in the backyard.

Kinderpool im Hinterhof selber machen kein Geld ausgeben

A children’s pool doesn’t have to be big and expensive.

  • DIY ideas for the backyard – do something good for the little garden visitors!

Small birds occasionally come into every backyard in search of food. They ensure the natural balance in the outdoor area and are very useful. If you want to do something good for these little garden visitors, then build a small feeding station for them. For example, from old wine bottles that you haven’t thrown away.

DIY Ideen Hinterhof eine Futterstation für Vögel aus einer alten Weinflasche machen

Think before you throw old wine bottles in the garbage can!

DIY Ideen Hinterhof schönes Futterhäuschen

Great DIY bird feeders can also be made out of disused dishes.

Scroll down now to admire more great DIY ideas for the backyard and be inspired for your own creations. The editors wish you a lot of fun and success!

Einfache DIY Ideen Hinterhof Blumen Tisch rote Plastikstühle Futterhäuschen

Simple ideas are mostly the best in the backyard.

DIY Ideen Hinterhof kleines Gartenhaus bauen Ruhe und Entspannung für Groß und Klein

A small garden house where young and old can find peace and relaxation

Anyone can build garden furniture from pallets and use it to create a cozy seating area in the backyard.

Gartenmöbel aus Paletten DIY Ideen Hinterhof gemütliche Sitzecke gestalten

DIY Ideen Hinterhof Kräutergarten selber basteln aufhängen am Zaun nützlich und schön

Bring a highlight to your back yard through this homemade herb garden.

einfache Sonnensegel selber machen Party im Hinterhof veranstalten

praktisches Regal für Küchenbesteck selber machen mit Blumen schmücken DIY Ideen Hinterhof

DIY Ideen Hinterhof alte Küchengefäße in Blumenbehälter verwandeln

Blumenständer Buchstabe K persönliche Note DIY Ideen Hinterhof

Blumenregal selber bauen in die Ecke stellen schöne Gestaltung Hinterhof

Blütenpracht im Blumenbeet aus Holz selber bauen DIY Ideen Hinterhof

Baumstamm in Tisch verwandeln DIY Ideen Hinterhof

Alte Schlüssel als Deko nutzen Kette basteln DIY Ideen Hinterhof

Hinterhof beleuchten Lichterketten an Bäume anbringen romantische Atmosphäre schaffen DIY Ideen

Lichterketten im Hinterhof DIY Ideen

Lichterketten am Überdach Veranda beleuchten DIY Ideen Hinterhof

Lichteffekte am Zaum DIY Ideen Hinterhof

Gartenwege beleuchten nachts romantische Atmosphäre im Hinterhof

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