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Great watering cans spice up the ambience in your home

Your houseplants need daily care and watering is the most important thing for healthy greenery in your home. Enjoy watering your plants with functional and elegant watering cans. Today we are going to show you 12 designer pieces and try to convince you that you no longer have to keep the watering can in the basement. On the contrary – just take out your watering cans and put them on display! Complete the green corner at home with a great and unique watering can from our list!

Watering can in gray House Doctor decorative pillow

“House Doctor” watering can in elegant gray

Gray is always trendy in the interior! And it’s not just about home textiles and wall paints. Set modern accents in gray at home, e.g. B. with the watering can “House Doctor” (a label from Denmark). The rustic shape and the noble gray color give this beautiful piece an elegant and timeless look. This watering can is very practical for your balcony or garden because of its size. In winter it is transformed into an attractive decoration in the living area.

Decoration ideas watering can from Ikea wooden handle

The white watering can from Ikea inscribes itself perfectly, it looks wonderful among the green houseplants.

The graceful watering can from Ikea gives the window sill a timeless and fresh look. The white lacquered body of the jug and its handle made of light wood go wonderfully with the green plants on the window ledge.

Garden design decorative watering can British design

A classic from Great Britain

The shapely watering can “Heritage” is produced in Great Britain by Haws. It looks very high quality and traditional. The materials are weatherproof and protected against corrosion. The high-quality jug gives the garden a classic look.

Decorative watering can black Diamant Garden Glory

Stylish black watering can with a timeless look

Luxury in the garden – why not! A noble proposal from the Swedish design studio Garden Glory gives any ambience more glamor. The polygonal shape is reminiscent of a finely cut diamond and the jug is sure to turn into an undisputed eye-catcher in the outdoor area. It is offered in black, gray, turquoise, white and pink.

practical watering can with wooden handle succulent

The practical watering can contains more water

The practical “Salladskål” watering can has a traditional shape with straight lines and semicircles. Her classic look is complemented by deep black. And the comfortable handles have no edges. Its capacity of 9 liters makes the jug a great must-have in the garden or on the terrace.

Decoration ideas Earthenware watering can Salladskål

Designer jug ​​in a Scandinavian look

The decoration in Scandinavian design is always trendy with its simplicity and straight lines. A great example of this is the unusual watering can by Kristina Stark from Sweden. The simple earthenware jug is ideal for your small indoor plants. Use it to add a modern touch to your home! The best place for this gem is on the window sill.

Decorative watering can galvanized garden design

The traditional galvanized watering can has its own charm

Oriental jug in black wooden cachepot

Black watering can in an oriental look

Decoration designer watering can rose gold

Unusual jugs in different colors for every taste

Decoration ideas garden watering can modern look

Designer jug ​​that can be used not only for watering your plants, but also as a unique decoration at home

white watering can wood color great decoration ideas

Forget the disposable bottles for watering your plants – get yourself a beautiful designer watering can

conical watering can with metal element fresh spice

Watering can in a conical shape with a metal element

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