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Great wine racks for real wine connoisseurs – enjoyment and style in one

Would you like Wine? Whether you’re a die-hard wine connoisseur or just a lover of this alcoholic beverage, you likely have a few bottles of wine at home. We all like to enjoy a glass of good wine every now and then. In the evening, after a hard day at work or with your partner, the wine is always good for you.

If you don’t have a cellar to keep your wine bottles, or if you want to keep your exquisite winessimply want to show insorts or if you always want to have the wine to hand, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are more than happy to show you some great ideas for practical and elegant wine racks for your home. They are a very popular and popular solution and can be purchased or made by yourself. Often you will see wine racks made of wood, metal or stylish combinations of both materials. A very clever variant are the niches built into the wall for wine bottles in various shapes. The main tasks that these shelves must perform are, firstly, storing wine bottles and, secondly, their chic presentation. It is a great advantage if the glasses and the corkscrew have a specific place on the wine rack. Usually the frames are mounted vertically or horizontally on the wall, but unusual positioning is always welcome if it fits in the interior. By and large, the wall shelves for wine bottles save space as the bottles are placed parallel to the wall. You can also create a stylish and exquisite wall decoration as a trendy accent in the living room or in the kitchen.

great-living-tips-wine-idea-wall-frame-sheet metal

Modern solution made of white sheet metal for the practical storage of wine bottles


Wine rack for 6 bottles in a minimalist style

wine rack-weis-living-tips-wine-bottles-modern-kitchen

Designer space-saving solution for storing your wine bottles in the kitchen

wine cabinet-wine-laser-living-tips-wine-industrial

Great wine cabinet offers enough space for wine bottles, wine glasses and small snacks


Practical wooden wall racks for your favorite types of wine

Find vertical racks for your wine bottles that actually take up very little space take in. In this way, you can set an elegant accent in the living room or on the worktop in the kitchen.

Built into the wall Niches are a practical solution and look great, but if you don’t have them, it’s time to renovate the wall. But it pays off over time, as the whole wall turns into a great eye-catcher in the room. Consider using the space under the stairs effectively. If not – roll up your sleeves and start with the wine rack.


Built-in shelf for wine bottles made of dark wood


Use the space under the stairs for an elegant rack for wine bottles

wall design-niche-living-tips-wine-storage

White wine always tastes very good, especially with cheese. Doesn’t this wall design remind you of cheese?

The pPractical movable wine racks are small and you can always find a new place for them – on the wall above the worktop in the kitchen, on the kitchen island or next to the refrigerator. If you don’t have existing wine bottles, you can just move the racks down to the basement. There they are temporarily stored in the best possible way.

living tips-wooden frame-wine-wine glasses

Stylish frame made of wood for wine bottles and glasses

living tips-wooden frame-wine-laser-wine-bottle-storage

Elegant wine rack for 5 bottles and wine glasses

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