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Green oasis in the backyard – tips for designing them

Green oasis in the backyard – clever tips for designing them

Spring is already here and when it comes you usually have a lot of outdoor work to do, right? Today we’re going to give you some tips and tricks on what you can do with it. We are focusing on the backyard! We’ll show you how to create a green oasis in the back yard! Stay tuned and get inspired!

The back yard can be your favorite place to relax outdoors in the warm months!

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof Lieblingsort zum Relax im Freien Liegesessel Schirm

We find it irrelevant at the moment whether your backyard is large or small, whether it has a pool or numerous fragrant, blooming garden flowers flourish there. Yes, all of that would be irrelevant for today’s topic of our contribution. Because we want to show you how you can master a green oasis from every backyard. Of course we will give you clever tips for the design outside. And before you get to work, don’t forget, it’s never too late or too hard to turn your back yard into a refreshing oasis for summer. It’s all about comfortable seating, hanging garden plants, and ponds. Below are some great pictures to inspire your backyard conversion, as well as helpful tips for doing so.

You can spend a long, relaxing summer in this green oasis in the backyard

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof Veranda bequeme Sitzmöbel schöne Blumen in Töpfen Kübeln gepflegter Garten

– Surround yourself with green plants in your back yard

Don’t you have enough space outside? Or no pool? Don’t let your head hang because that might not be an obstacle. Surround yourself with a lot of garden green and enjoy the fresh air in your back yard! Integrate simple but comfortable garden furniture made of pallets there and create the retreat of your dreams! If you want to introduce an exotic touch or create a jungle atmosphere outside, you can opt for special garden plants, such as bamboo for example.

Design a corner with succulents and emphasize the exotic flair in your back yard

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof Ecke mit Sukkulenten gestalten exotisches Flair

Think carefully about your design concept regarding the area and shape of your backyard. Use the garden plants so that they grow in layers and create a jungle feel. Low plants can be grown first, followed by taller ones and the trees (if you have them) must be in the corners or next to the bridle. In short, don’t forget about the vertical design options! This creates a uniform image in your backyard and that is the first important step towards a green oasis! Note the different colors and shapes of the garden plants so that the perfect look is not disturbed.

Gorgeous design in layers that add to the alluring look of the back yard

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof Gestaltung in Schichten viel Grün

Beautiful green potted plants are a great alternative to backyard planting

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof schöne Topfpflanzen Alternative zur Bepflanzung im Hinterhof

– Incorporate comfortable outdoor seating

Why do you want to create a green oasis in the backyard? Most homeowners answer this question clearly: to retreat there, to relax and to relieve stress. In our dynamic everyday life, we constantly strive to have a really good rest and recharge our batteries for the next day. Your well-manicured back yard can be the ideal place for this. You only need to create comfortable seats there and relax in the midst of greenery every day. Just sit back and enjoy the green view! The green calms the eyes and soul! Sometimes just a single chair placed among the green garden plants is quite enough to represent your outdoor retreat. Comfortable benches or an outdoor furniture set are also great design ideas. You all contribute to the realization of your dream, namely to create a green oasis in the backyard!

Now scroll down and get new ideas for designing your green oasis in the backyard. You are sure to find something here that you have long dreamed of. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and many pleasant hours in your green backyard!

And if you have enough space, don’t hesitate to master an outdoor dining area in your garden oasis! There is nothing better than enjoying your meals outside in the fresh air in summer, surrounded by lush flora.

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof Essbereich im Freien gestalten

It would be a great bonus point if you set a festive table outside for a special occasion!

grüne Oase schaffen ein festlich gedeckter Tisch schön dekoriert inmitten von viel Grün feiern

Sitting outside is good for the mind.

grüne Oase im Hinterhof bequemes Sofa Sitzkissen im Freien

– Water in the backyard is refreshing

A water feature is a surefire way to add another calming element to your backyard green oasis. Even if you can’t indulge in a pool, consider a small garden pond. Try to surround it with lush green plants to additionally emphasize the unique beauty and natural charm of your oasis in the backyard.
A well (even a small one) would not be out of place here. You can be convinced that sitting by the water calms the soul and has a positive effect on our thoughts.

A small garden pond would be the icing on the cake of your backyard.

grüne Oase im Hinterhof kleiner Gartenteich Steine üppige Vegetation Teichpflanzen

A garden path definitely invites you to explore the surrounding plant life.

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof gut gepflegter Hinterhof einladend Gartenweg viel Grün

This gravel garden path leads to an outdoor seating area where residents can quietly read, chat, or eat while sipping their favorite beverage.

grüne Oase im Hinterhof Kies Gartenweg Sitzbereich im Freien die Natur hautnah spüren

Bamboo and beautiful garden plants surround this romantic stone slab garden path. The result is a modern outdoor area full of natural beauty.

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof Bambus schöne Gartenpflanzen Gartenweg aus Steinplatten moderner Außenbereich voller Naturschönheiten

You could spend hours here admiring the greenery of the garden

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof Steinstufen üppiges Gartengrün

A stylish backyard can also be designed in a small area.

grüne Oase im Hinterhof kleine Fläche viele Grünpflanzen Kies Steinplatten

If you have the green thumb, you can try a vertical garden, as shown in the picture here.

grüne Oase im Hinterhof vertikaler Garten viele Pflanzen gut gepflegt schöner Anblick

The Trendomat editorial team wishes you unforgettable hours outdoors!

Grüne Oase im Hinterhof weißer Gartensessel weiß schöne Topfpflanze violette Blüten

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