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Halloween decorations with pumpkins – creative scary ideas for indoors and outdoors

The horror festival is getting closer, so you have to think about your Halloween decorations for indoors and outdoors. Although this festival is controversial around the world, it is part of our modern life. Many people definitely reject American Halloween or discuss its origin and meaning, while others admire it and enjoy celebrating it with family and friends. Especially the scary decoration in the living room, in front of the front door and even in the garden is a lot of fun for young and old. And can you imagine Halloween without pumpkins? Barely! Because the good old pumpkin is at the center of every terrifying or less scary Halloween decoration. Today we want to show you cool ideas for your Halloween decoration with pumpkins. These are easy to imitate and your children can join in with the handicrafts, hollowing out or carving. Be creative and inspire your friends, neighbors and even random passers-by with stylish decorations to make you shudder.

Beautiful Halloween decoration with pumpkins will delight young and old!

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen viele ausgehohlte Kurbisse gruselige Fratzen zum Bewundern

Stylish Halloween decoration with pumpkins for your home

First of all, we want to emphasize that many of the ideas presented here for a beautiful Halloween decoration with pumpkins are suitable both in the interior and in the garden. The pumpkin is one of the old symbols of autumn and the harvest time and is also part of the decoration for the horror festival.

The pumpkin is easy to decorate and paint

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you buy a pumpkin from the market or have picked it from your garden, it can be easily decorated. For example with flowers, black ravens, artificial mice or bats. You can also paint it and create something unique. The next two pictures show a very stylish and a very funny idea for Halloween decorations with pumpkins. In both cases, the pumpkin turns into a real eye-catcher within your Halloween decoration for indoors.

Black pumpkin adorned with white chrysanthemums! Did you see something nicer for Halloween?

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen groser schwarzer Kurbis mit weisen Chrysanthemen geschmuckt

This pumpkin with a face mask, cucumber slices and headdress looks more funny than scary.

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen lustig geschmuckter Kurbis mit Gesichtsmaske Gurkenscheiben Kopfbedeckung

You can let your creativity run free when painting a white pumpkin.

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen weisen Kurbis bemalen schwarze Inschriften verschiedene Nachrichten

Pumpkins can be hollowed out, carved and illuminated for Halloween

You probably already know the legend of Jack-o-Lantern. The tradition of hollowing out and illuminating pumpkins for Halloween is just as old. A candle, a tea light or an LED lamp or chain of lights are integrated into the hollowed out pumpkin to intensify the horror effect. Today, on October 31, one wants to drive away evil spirits, witches, vampires and ghosts from the house and garden with such a lantern and keep them away. Many look really terrifying! Others are suitable for a stylish Halloween decoration with pumpkins! But you can always use it to create a festive atmosphere at home. Convince yourself of it!

Hollowed out and illuminated pumpkins of all kinds decorate your house stairs without looking creepy.

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen schones Arrangement auf den Haustreppen ausgehohlte beleuchtete Kurbisse Kerzen Teelichter kunstvoll gestaltet

Another stylish idea for your Halloween decoration with pumpkins!

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen eine stilvolle Idee Kurbis aushohlen schnitzen beleuchten

In the week before the horror festival, children are excited about great DIY projects in which you hollow out and carve pumpkins. The little ones follow the design process with great interest, as a simple pumpkin turns into a creepy shape. The end result is an ugly face that looks scary and scary. Two or three carved pumpkins stacked on top of each other even create a wow factor

A real masterpiece of pumpkin carving!

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen groser Kurbis gekonnt ausgehohlt geschnitzt echtes Meisterwerk

These three skilfully carved pumpkins stacked on top of each other are an excellent decoration idea for indoors and outdoors.

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen drei aufeinander gestapelte geschnitzte Kurbisse hervorragende Deko Idee fur drinnen und drausen

Decorated with rhinestones and glitter, the Halloween pumpkins have a glamorous look.

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen mit Perlen Strasssteinen und Glitzer dekoriert einen glamourosen Look erhalten

Halloween decoration with pumpkins for outside

For weeks before the horror festival, there is a Halloween decoration in front of many houses with pumpkins, witch cauldrons, skeletons and everything that you find scary. On the one hand you express your attitude towards the festival, on the other hand you want to create a special atmosphere that is totally different from everyday life. Regardless of whether you believe in ghosts and ghosts or not, you can give your house entrance or garden a festive flair. The Halloween decoration with pumpkins shouldn’t necessarily look scary. This can be funny. The design ideas for this are numerous and we would be happy to show you some of the best!

A Halloween decoration outside is hardly conceivable without pumpkins.

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen schone Deko grose Kurbisse mit dunnen Weidenzweigen und Stroh bedeckt

Pumpkins and red chrysanthemums form an unbeatable duo.

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen vor der Haustur auf den Treppen rote Chrysanthemen eine

At the sight of this Halloween decoration with pumpkins you immediately get goose bumps, don’t you?

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen angsteinflosendes Arrangement auf den Haustreppen Kurbisse als Jack O Laternen Skelett an der Tur Gansehaut bekommen

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen fur drausen Holzschilder schwarze Rabe Laterne

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen Gansehaut bekommen gruselige Deko Gespenst zwei Kurbisse

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen gruselige Idee orangefarbener Kurbis mit schwarzen Spinnen

But your Halloween decoration with pumpkins can have a strange character!

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen komisch gestaltete Kurbisse als kleine Tiere Fuchs graue Katze blauer Vogel

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen lustig bemalte Kurbisse vor der Haustur arrangiert

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen weise Kurbisse bemalt BOO Zeichen Happy Halloween

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen zwei schwarze ein weiser Zierkurbis stilvoller Schmuck fur drinnen

Halloween Deko mit Kurbissen zwei kleine schwarze kunstliche Kurbisse ein groser weiser schick arrangiert

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