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Hand-decorated furniture in the style of Mid Century Modern

Eclectic pieces of furniture

Our excellent furniture collection today is inspired by the northern lights and their beautiful colors. You see a mixture of fuchsia, pink, orange, green, blue and red. These brightly colored nuances bring comfort and a good mood into every house. The furniture has sturdy iron frames, metallic elements and parts made of artificial rattan. Colorful exotic decorative pillows can then be arranged for a breathtaking effect.

Colorful upholstered stool-eclectic seating furniture

Colorful upholstered stool

The edges of this irresistible high chest of drawers have been hand painted in pink and green. Elements made of brass and floral motifs can be seen. This designer piece looks very attractive.

Colorful exotic bookshelf eclectic pieces of furniture

Colorful exotic bookshelf

What do you imagine under the Club Chair? Maybe traditional lush leather armchairs with heavy feet? Look at this model. The exotic Courtly Campaign Club Chair in black and white stripes looks noble and imposing. Leather buttons are on the back and contrast beautifully with the colors. The elegant piece of furniture would complement your English style library in a unique way.

Unique colorful dresser-eclectic home design

Unique colorful chest of drawers

In addition to the armchair, you could get this footstool with the same design. If you place a glass table over it, it becomes a particularly excellent facility. You could then look at this unique piece over afternoon tea. This footstool sets excellent color accents in the room.

Unique club armchair - eclectic seating furniture

Unique lounge chair

Does eclectic mean cozy at the same time? Yes of course. Take in the fantastic velvet fabric of this handmade armchair. It also impresses with its striped cushions and the serenity that it brings to home design. A real hit.

Sofa design-eclectic seating

Sofa design that immediately attracts everyone’s attention

Time goes by much more elegantly in the company of this grandfather clock. A cheerful floral design adorns its outside. On the top come hand decorated elements such as the small antique brass flowers are revealed. Cracle Finish and Parchment Check ™ was used on the wooden box. German clock mechanism was used.

Grandfather clock-eclectic home design

Grandfather clock

This great side table made of glass would suit every furnishing style, as it appears somewhat restrained compared to the other pieces of furniture.

Jewelry storage-eclectic design

Where is the best place to keep your jewelry?

Our next furnishing favorite took up a lot of time for the designer. Glass mosaic, floral motifs and small stripes were used. Almost invisible pieces of marble were laid as small details. When you open the drawers you will be amazed at the delicate and detailed decorations on the inside. This home accessory is best used to store jewelry. The mahogany wood as a material would look noble and considerable in your interior design.

Upholstered stool in yellow green and pink-eclectic seating

Upholstered stool in yellow, green and pink

This eclectic and exotic piece could easily be part of a queen’s furniture. The magnificent bookshelf was hand-painted in spring colors and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Mid century wall clock hand painted eclectic home design

Mid century wall mirror, hand painted

Mid century pedestal side table-eclectic living design

Mid century side table

Mid century colorful sofa design-eclectic seating

Mid century colorful sofa design

Mid centrury patchwork eclectic seating

Mid centrury patchwork

Colorful upholstered stool-eclectic pieces of furniture

Colorful upholstered stool

Ivory colored chaise lounge contemporary design-eclectic pieces of furniture

Ivory colored chaise lounge with a contemporary design

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