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Hand-painted plates for the upcoming spring party

Homemade and hand-painted decorative accessories create a cozy atmosphere at home. They are also wonderful gift ideas. What is special about personally designed home accessories is their uniqueness. Every decorative item can be different from the others, which is why a DIY project like ours today is stress-free and actually distracting from everyday life.
A set of painted plates can be used over and over again. They are a stylish addition to the table decoration. We have selected the colors of summer for you and show you how this DIY project comes about! Here we go:

Underplate painting acrylic paint DIY project children adults

Get white place plates and the desired color nuances

White plates (plastic or glass)
Acrylic paint (not dishwasher safe)
Paper towels
Make sure that you have the right paint for each plate with you.

Decoration idea, paint underplate dishes

Clean plastic or glass plates with a damp, clean cloth before painting

Step 1: You want to work on a clean basis. Put a damp cloth over the plate and let it dry. Before painting, make sure the surface is completely dry.

Tutorial colorful eye-catcher plate party accessories

Pour a little acrylic paint onto a separate surface

Step 2: Shake a little of the acrylic paint you bought (in this case, soft pink, light blue, and purple) onto a separate surface.

Garden party table decoration variants paint paint brush

Apply the colors vertically to the plate with a brush and light hand movements

Step 3: You can now paint with the brush. First, small vertical areas should be covered with the respective color. After that, you could bring the colors closer together. It is advisable to let the colors dry for approx. 10-15 minutes before mixing.
You could be very creative with painting. Just take enough time to do it. Cover the whole area with paint, no empty white areas should be left unpainted.

DIY underplate patterns paint colorfully

Wait 15 minutes before mixing the colors. The white surface of the underplate should now be invisible

Step 4: Once done, the paint needs to stand in the air for an additional hour to dry firmly.

Excursion, spring party, table decorations, painting, tinkering underplate

Don’t you like the bottom line? It can be washed away with hot water and detergent

If you want to spice up or change the color over time, it can be removed with the help of mild detergent and white water. Do you never want to change the pretty end result? Then spray the painted plates with colorless sealant or spray paint. A cool place is the best place to keep them.

Don’t the bold colors that are dosed correctly look great? They come out really well in front of the rest of the white table decorations.

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