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Handicrafts with envelopes – great DIY ideas for different occasions

Although the digital world has already totally conquered our everyday lives and provides us with numerous communication channels, there are still many occasions that require personal correspondence by post. These are, for example, traditional family celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and birthday parties, but these also include romantic events such as Valentine’s Day, wedding celebrations, baby showers, anniversaries and many others. Then we send out personal invitations, warm greetings or thank you cards to our relatives and friends. If you want to give your post an individual touch in such cases, then we have great DIY ideas with envelopes ready for you. In this post we give you practical tips on how to tinker with envelopes. We have also prepared some decoration ideas with envelopes. These are multifunctional and go perfectly with every taste, budget and occasion. Stick with it and get inspiration for your own DIY projects!

Small details transform the envelopes into something special.

Briefumschläge personalisieren kleine Details mit Liebe dekorieren basteln mit Briefumschlägen

  • Personalize envelopes and turn them into highlights

There are a number of romantic occasions that require imagination and creativity. We don’t just want to find suitable envelopes for the particular festival, but also design them as individually as possible and only then send them. Small, lovingly selected details that have great expressiveness help us here, such as unusual motifs, homemade flowers, leaves or animals, delicate ribbons and bows or a few sparkling accents. These are real all-rounders when it comes to the festive design of envelopes and instantly transform them into small masterpieces. These little details will definitely make your letter stand out in the recipient’s mailbox, amid bills and the usual advertising.

Your creativity is required when decorating and personalizing envelopes!

Briefumschläge dekorieren und personalisieren Kreativität zeigen

We also love the idea of ​​surprising family members, friends and relatives with self-made and lovingly decorated envelopes. For example, you can fold an envelope out of pink or red paper and put a small present, shared pictures or a voucher in it. It can also be a nice surprise for Mother’s Day. With this little gesture you show your mother deep love and respect and are sure to put a smile on her face. You still need personalized envelopes for Valentine’s Day to delight your great love and show affection to your partner.

This is really a pleasant surprise for every mom!

Briefumschläge personalisieren basteln mit Briefumschlägen die Mutti überraschen zum Muttertag

If you are planning on getting married soon, it is time to notify your friends and relatives of the most important day in your life and invite them to the wedding reception. In this regard, you need individual, elegant and romantic-looking envelopes that convey the importance and exclusivity of this event to the guests. You can also find a wide range of envelopes for weddings and many other occasions online. There are many shops on the Internet that specialize in selling envelopes in various sizes and colors, such as www.umschlaege.com. This saves you time and additional effort and you get a first-class product that meets your ideas and wishes.

You can find suitable envelopes for every occasion online.

Briefumschläge für jeden Anlass online finden mit Briefumschlägen basteln

  • Craft and decorate with envelopes

With a targeted research, you will also find other DIY ideas for handicrafts and decorating with envelopes in the global network. We just want to mention a few here. For example, you could make a nice gift bag out of envelopes. The size depends on the gift you want to put in the bag. You can decorate the outside of the gift bag according to the specific occasion, with hearts, stars, flowers for February 14th, a birthday or a family celebration. Colorful eggs, chicks and rabbits are the right decorations for Easter, while fir trees, cones, stars and snowflakes decorate your gift bags made of envelopes for Christmas.

Anyone can make a gift bag from an envelope.

Basteln mit Briefumschlägen eine Geschenktüte selber machen

But the clever handicraft ideas with envelopes don’t stop there. For the holidays mentioned above, but also for other personal celebrations, you can make great garlands from envelopes of different sizes and colors and hang them on the wall at home. You can put a wish, a quote or your own statement in every envelope and surprise your loved ones with it. Crafting with envelopes is also an amusing activity for the whole family, especially for the children, who always learn something new and develop their practical skills. A great idea in this regard is to make an advent calendar out of envelopes together with your little ones. There is a lot of fun for young and old! Promised!

Our editorial team wishes all DIY fans the best of luck and great fun tinkering with envelopes!

You can make such bags with your children and decorate them with fun.

Mit Briefumschlägen basteln mit Kindern lustig dekorierte Tüten

At Christmas you can use envelopes to prepare great surprises for the whole family.

Mit Briefumschlägen basteln bunte beschriftete Umschläge tolle Überraschungen für die ganze Familie

Small gesture that makes the heart beat faster.

Briefumschläge online kaufen senden Freunde bereiten

Basteln mit Briefumschlägen Freude bereiten

Ideen zum Basteln mit Briefumschlägen Freude bereiten

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