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General Henry Harley Hap Arnold

Hap was born in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania on June 25th 1886. Upon graduation he attended high school before entering West Point’s US Military Academy as an enlistement candidate.

After four years as a cadet but failing to reach Cadet Corporal status, he became determined to become a pilot – ultimately becoming one of the founding fathers of today’s United States Air Force.

Early Life and Education

Hap was raised in Texas Hill Country and learned the value of hard work early. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Hap always stood ready to assist those around him.

He won a seat representing Louisa County in 1765 and began actively campaigning against Parliament’s Stamp Act, orating that British monarchy risked similar fates as Julius Caesar (assassinated by Brutus) or Charles I (displaced by Cromwell) if it continued ignoring colonial liberty.

Henry’s Stamp Act Resolutions were widely read across both colonies and Great Britain, and led him to become a leading figure during the American Revolution. Henry remained committed to augmenting resources allocated under Articles of Confederation but wary of those seeking its replacement.

Professional Career

Henry is providing tech support for damaged lab equipment when Helen Magnus and Will Zimmerman arrive. Henry informs them he has been providing this type of support for over thirty years, boasting that he knows his stuff.

Later on, Florence attempts to convince Henry to give her a ride into town but he declines due to Ronsel not acting normally. Florence and Hap are then shown hanging out late at night, with Hap humming along to an old song in their minds.

Ashley was gathering weapons when Henry entered the Sanctuary to dissuade her from going on an unlicensed abnormal killing hunt. Henry reminded Ashley she owed money and that their children required feeding; Ashley thanked Henry before departing in search of unknown locations.

Personal Life

General Henry Harley Hap Arnold was an innovative leader of the United States Air Force who was pivotal in creating WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots).

He was also an innovator in computer engineering, being one of the first to design a computer program to calculate optimal flight paths and develop air-to-ground missiles.

Helen Magnus and Henry Foss are at the Sanctuary observing CCTV footage of a pawn shop robbery from Old City Police Department LAN. Henry operates the computer while discussing this case together.

Net Worth

Hap attended Gladwyne, Pennsylvania high school before enrolling at West Point. There, he spent four years – but never made Cadet Corporal! Instead he joined a group known as Black Hand which perpetrated various pranks against fellow cadets; these actions resulted in many punishment tours being issued to him for this group’s activities.

HAP started taking steps in 2001 to enhance its profitability and balance sheet by selling a $600 million bond offering, hiring hospital turnaround consultants, purchasing CuraNet in Okemos Michigan with over 200,000 members, as well as initiating an initiative encouraging doctors to move to Detroit to improve its health care quality.

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