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Happiness has four walls

A dream home? In most cases, this means a house in which you can realize your personal ideas and wishes for cosiness and comfort. Very often you only need a little imagination and creativity to optimally adapt an apartment or house to your own needs and to feel comfortable there. There are more than enough good ideas. And where? Here with us, in the picture galleries on our website!

The warm natural tones, lots of light and the cozy country house style with a southern flair, which places particular emphasis on an open transition between the kitchen, dining area and living room, are very popular and always on trend. Because families in particular would like to live together and not next to each other. To achieve this, you sometimes need to move walls or, if possible, leave them out entirely. This often results in additional window fronts that provide more daylight in the interior. And that’s very good, because light has a very positive effect on the human mind. It increases well-being and spreads a good mood and positivity. The walls of the interior rooms can also contribute to this if they are painted in soft, friendly colors.

an open-transition-between-kitchen-dining-area-and-living-room

A practical interior that is easy to care for is always a good choice when it comes to furnishing. A good example of this are the terracotta tiles as well as the popular wood and the eternal wicker furniture, which convey lightness and create a homely atmosphere. Wicker furniture conveys airy lightness and is still very robust. They can be wonderfully combined with antique individual pieces as well as with very modern objects and designer furniture. A chest of drawers with lots of drawers helps to keep things tidy. Candlesticks on the walls convey a romantic glow and go wonderfully with any ambience. Wall decorations, fresh flowers and home textiles bring cosiness into the room.


Light tones and fine nuances are always a good idea because they create a friendly atmosphere in every home. There are some great color combinations such as blue and yellow that ensure an eternal summer in your own four walls. Blue is often associated with coolness. But in combination with a warm, rich yellow it is immediately different. Suddenly it no longer seems cool and icy, but warm and fresh like a summer walk by the sea.



terracotta-tiles-in-the-kitchen-are-easy-care-and-nice-at the same time




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