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Known for his film Gummo (1997), Harmony Korine is an American filmmaker and screenwriter. Born in Bolinas, California, on January 4, 1973, he has worked as a filmmaker and writer since the early 1990s. His films have been lauded and criticized with equal intensity. He has also written books.

As a filmmaker, Korine has collaborated with avant-garde artist Noel Sinclair Boyt. His film Trash Humpers (2009) won the top award at a prominent European documentary film festival, CPH:DOX. He has also published a number of books, including an experimental novel, A Crack Up at the Race Riots. He has also collaborated with New York brand Supreme. He has co-written lyrics for songs with Rihanna. He has produced music videos for The Black Keys and Lana Del Rey.

Trash Humpers

Having been described as an enfant terrible, American filmmaker Harmony Korine has now come out with his latest film, Trash Humpers. While it may not be his most exciting work, it certainly is a trasherpiece.

In Trash Humpers, a group of social outcasts performs for the camera in abandoned houses, strip malls, and freeway overpasses. These characters perform a kind of vaudeville-inspired humour.

The film is shot in a home-movie style, with spliced-together footage and strange tape splices. The soundtrack includes haunting folk songs and spirituals. It was released in an ultra-limited edition run.

The film was produced under the Dogme 95 manifesto, a group of rules which dictate the film’s production. It was completed in just four months. It was shot on VHS, and its characters appear to be largely indistinct.

Spring Breakers

Despite Harmony Korine’s rough year, he is still considered the highest paid director in the world with a combined earnings of $46 million. He has earned a number of accolades including a main prize at the CPH:DOX in 2009. He has also been a film director, screenwriter, author, and skateboarder. He has appeared in various specials and documentaries. He has also launched his own vodka brand, Pure Wonderkorine – US.

His movie, “Spring Breakers” starring James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena Gomez, has been praised as the “weirdest” Korine film yet. It also made a splash in Hollywood, and earned $386,915 in its first nine months. However, it was also described as “a cop-out” by the New York Times. In contrast, Indiewire wrote that “Korine’s debut feature Spring Breakers is a bit more cerebral than his previous films.”

As a director, Korine has also appeared in the documentary Above the Below. He has also worked with David Blaine on specials. He has also authored several books. He has also produced a number of films.

Mister Lonely

‘Mister Lonely’ is the third feature film directed by Harmony Korine. The film is a fable about a Michael Jackson look-alike who lives in a commune. It is an accessible film. But it is also deeply original. It follows an ensemble cast of international actors. The film was filmed in Scotland and Panama. It was co-produced by O’Salvation. It had an $8 million budget.

Harmony Korine studied Dramatic Writing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, but dropped out. He later studied Business Administration in college in New York. He is now married to actress Rachel Simon Korine. They have a child. Their latest project is the drama ‘Spring Breakers’, which stars Selena Gom.

Harmony Korine has earned a reputation for his films that explore the world of celebrity. He has also directed several commercials and music videos. He has also been in films such as Gummo (1997), Stoker (2001) and Good Will Hunting (2007).

Favorite writers

Whether he is in his garage creating art or on the set of a movie he’s the director, Harmony Korine has had his share of fame and notoriety. For one, he’s been a recurring guest on David Letterman’s late night show. Besides that, Korine has managed to create several cult-classic films and a lauded street art documentary. He’s also managed to find time to paint and practice the art of photography. He’s even painted a figurative and abstract piece.

Aside from being a prolific filmmaker, Korine has also been an advocate for American independent cinema. For instance, he was involved with the Dogme 95 movement. One of his earliest films, Julien Donkey-Boy, was one of the first entries into the Dogme 95 series. This film was also the first to receive a nod in the Dogme 95 Hall of Fame.

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