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Height-adjustable desk – a must in every modern office

Long working hours, constantly sitting in front of the screen, headaches and back pain? If you know all this, then you know exactly – this is about typical characteristics of working in a home office, individual or open-plan office. In the everyday office job there is basically little movement, but a lot of stress and exertion. But in the meantime it has been scientifically proven, wrong work makes us sick! That is why the question is justified: How can we modernize our everyday office life and prevent health problems? Is it possible to improve your performance, increase your ability to concentrate and increase your motivation and at the same time prevent back problems and other health problems? The answer to this is actually quite simple and it is called: ergonomic office furniture! For example, a height-adjustable desk can work wonders in any office. In the following we want to explain the advantages of this modern piece of furniture. Stay tuned to find out more about it!

Ergonomic office furniture is a hot trend in furnishing any single or open plan office.

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz

  • How important is a height-adjustable desk for ergonomics in the workplace?

It is not for nothing that the term ergonomics in the workplace has established itself in recent years, so that we are placing more and more emphasis on how our work office is set up. In this regard, modern office furniture has been developed that meets the higher demands of our time. On the one hand, they fully meet the needs of employees and, on the other hand, they are also very beneficial for the company. Ergonomic office furniture that does not cause back pain or strain the muscles even when sitting for long periods is in demand. For this reason, an adjustable desk is an absolute must in every modern office. It can be transformed into a high table at the push of a button. This gives the employee the opportunity to change his position and posture while working. In addition, the change between standing and sitting can be preprogrammed at fixed intervals.

You can work faster, more concentrated and more motivated while standing.

Schreibtisch Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz im Stehen

A height-adjustable desk enables us to be more active at work. Mind and body can benefit greatly from changing positions frequently. It is well known that the human body works best when it is moving. That is why experts in ergonomics at the workplace have developed the sit-stand concept. According to the “60/30/10 formula”, you have to spend 60% of the working hours sitting, 30% standing and actively moving during the remaining 10% of the working hours. A height-adjustable desk helps employers and employees incorporate this healthy formula into their everyday office life. And that brings many health benefits with it. For example, thanks to the height-adjustable desk, you can prevent fixed postures and one-sided physical strain. This guarantees better physical health and mental wellbeing in the workplace. In short, there are fewer cases of illness and everyone feels comfortable during the long working day.

Good physical health and mental wellbeing are important for everyone in the office job.

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz arbeiten im Stehen keine gesundheitlichen Beschwerden ein geistiges Wohnbefinden

In addition, most of us know from personal experience that sitting for hours on end makes you tired. Switching between sitting and standing work makes you feel lively and shows better concentration and productivity. In terms of health, this also has other advantages. For example, the spine is relieved, the back and leg muscles are trained, the circulation gets going. You react quickly, you don’t feel tired and you stay in top condition until the end of your working day.

You can choose the model of your height-adjustable desk according to your own needs and personal preferences.

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz ein neues Modell viele Pluspunkte

  • What else should you consider if you want to buy height-adjustable desks?

Since ergonomic office furniture is currently a hot trend, there are various models of height-adjustable desks in specialist shops. They score with their modern, even minimalist design and impress us with their flexibility and stability at the same time. Before deciding on a specific model, it is a good idea to consider the following clever tips:

  • Note the size of the height-adjustable desk. You must have enough space on it for a screen, keyboard, but also for a telephone or mobile phone, maybe for other devices and possibly for a flower pot!
  • It is important what material the desk is made of and what color its design is made of. It affects its durability and its ability to blend in with the overall room design.
  • Last but not least, the desk, office chair and screen have to be coordinated with one another, depending on the design, color and shape.

Do some more research online, but follow our tips and you can create a stylish and ergonomic work office!

Does your perfect home office look the same?

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz ein perfektes Homeoffice Bürostuhl Lampe angenehme Raumatmosphäre

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