Heinz & Claudia: Conversion of the Yamaha Raptors

With the conversion of the Yamaha Raptors, Heinz Deger and Claudia Fiezt fulfilled a long-cherished dream. It all started with a small one Conversion of the Yamaha Raptors: converted, pimped, painted and polished with loving attention to detailShinerey, which didn’t quite live up to the couple’s expectations. The two Yamaha Raptors soon followed, which they gave a new touch to with loving attention to detail.

Modification of the Yamaha Raptors: Projection of the Yamaha logo

Heinz first painted the engine block on his black Raptor and polished the cover and attachments. The in-house technician also installed a 5+5 N-Duro axle, wheel hubs and wheel disks. To ensure that the performance does not suffer from the conversion, an R1 chassis was used. Conversion of the Yamaha Raptor: Heinz has invested around 6,000 euros in your RaptorHeinz also had his footrests and engine mounts chromed, polished the built-in VA track plates and changed the front bumper. Incidentally, all the warning signs emblazoned on the Yamaha Raptor 700 from 2012 were designed and built by Heinz himself.
A Power Commander can now get an additional 10 hp out of the vehicle. Steering dampers were installed for better handling. Heinz gave his gem a better look with a polished swingarm, neon screws, engine lights and a little gadget that projects the Yamaha logo onto the road. A DMC exhaust system was also installed, which is particularly noticeable due to the pipework running under the vehicle. The ignition switch on the Yamaha Raptor 700 has been converted to keyless starting.

Claudia’s Raptor: Big Bobbycar deluxe

Claudia affectionately calls her modified Yamaha 700 YFM model 2013 ‘Big Bobbycar deluxe’. The result of the renovation work Conversion of the Yamaha Raptors: wide A-arms and performance shock absorbersis a red and black overall appearance, the look of which is supported by polished swingarms as well as tie rods and new covers for the seat. Your Yamaha has been optimized with new A-arms as well as track plates (VA 30 mm) and an N-Duro 5+5 axle; In addition, your Raptor now has fog lights with daytime running lights, a steering damper, nerf bars and an additional water cooler. When converting the Yamaha Raptors, Claudia’s Big Bobbycar received a double-pipe Hot Tech exhaust system, which duly implements the sound of the Raptor. For practical reasons, the parking brake was converted to block-off.
The article in ATV&QUAD Magazin 2015/11-12 from page 56 describes more about Heinz and Claudia’s converted black horses. This issue has been available at the following kiosks in Germany since November 3, 2015: > / ATV&QUAD Magazin <. ATV&QUAD Magazine is also available in Austria and Switzerland, in well-stocked magazine stores. ben / chk

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