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Charles Schwab and Philanthropy

Kristi has over two decades of experience working in philanthropy. Most recently, she served as executive director of the Charles Schwab Foundation.

The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation supports programs that address education, housing/homelessness/human services/civic life/learning differences in Bay Area as well as national organizations.

Early Life and Education

Schwab is one of 24 million Americans to suffer from dyslexia, an educational difference which makes it hard to sound out letters and differentiate words that sound alike. He has donated money towards research into the condition as well as established the Charles Schwab Family Foundation for Learning and Dyslexia which provides families with information, advice and resources for dyslexia-affected families.

The foundation’s grants typically focus on San Francisco Bay Area schools and networks, and supports human services, economic opportunity and health initiatives with particular attention given to underserved communities.

Recent giving to the foundation appears to focus on innovative approaches that advance racial equity and break intergenerational cycles of poverty, as well as supporting arts organizations; its recent recipients include Jackson Pollock and Francis Bacon in its collection.

Professional Career

Schwab is actively involved with several charitable and cultural organizations. With her husband Charles, she established the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation which provides grants for entrepreneurial nonprofits focusing on education, poverty prevention, human services, arts, etc. Additionally, the couple have generously given several pieces by Jackson Pollock and Francis Bacon to museums as gifts.

The Schwabs have also contributed generously to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where Helen served as chairman from 2008-2018. They established and chaired the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy; both couples currently reside in San Francisco. “Having a professional career” does not equate to working professionally – rather its definition varies depending on who uses it.

Achievement and Honors

Schwab was the longest-serving dean in Neag School history and first alumni to hold this role. In this capacity, he spearheaded implementation of new University academic visions while recruiting several nationally and internationally acclaimed experts to faculty positions; saw many former students achieve regional or national leadership status within their fields; and established the Dean’s Doctoral Scholars program which offers four years of financial support for promising Ph.D. candidates.

As part of his deep commitment to education, Schwab Foundation CEO Robert Schwab has worked on reform at both regional and national levels. Through personal efforts or UConn work – whether through his foundation, personal efforts or UConn work – Schwab has always adhered to the belief that quality education is fundamental for society’s progress and success.

Personal Life

Charles Schwab, founder and chairman of his namesake brokerage firm, is an ardent Republican donor, contributing more from his own pocket than from his firm to its political action committee (PAC). Schwab and Helen are major donors to Future45 – a Republican-support group which targets Democrats who oppose Donald Trump by attacking tax increases, open borders and government-run health care – targeting them for opposing their agenda.

Schwab has three children from his previous marriage to Susan Cotter which ended in divorce; three of whom, Charles Jr. “Sandy”, Carrie and Virginia have since gone onto marry someone else. Schwab and Helen work closely together in supporting educational, poverty reduction and human services projects via The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation.

Schwab is an avid collector of modern and contemporary art and serves on the board of directors at SFMOMA.

Net Worth

Schwab has established numerous foundations as his main source of wealth. Additionally, he engages in various philanthropic activities.

Schwab was instrumental in pioneering the discount brokerage business that currently boasts more than $2 trillion worth of client assets under management.

Schwab is an active Republican and has made substantial donations to political causes, including Donald Trump’s legal defense fund following allegations of collusion between Russia and his election. Additionally, Schwab sits on the boards of Stanford University and JustAnswer LLC as well as Charles & Helen Schwab Foundation and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Additionally, he suffers from dyslexia himself and advocates tirelessly on their behalf.

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