Help, I’ve been flashed!

Have I ever been flashed?

Novice drivers as well as experienced drivers are often very frightened when they see a bright red flash and worry about their driver’s license or are afraid of (high) fines and points in Flensburg. If you think you have been flashed, before you are unable to sleep at night, you should make the following considerations:

  • Do you really have one very bright, redden seen lightning? (see video below)
    Sun reflections or (at night) reflections from your own headlights often make you think there was a flash, when it really wasn’t.
  • For motorways with 2 parallel lanes and more:
    If you were driving in the right lane, the driver overtaking you on the left could have been flashed. It then appears to you as if you were caught, but the camera was aimed at the other car.
  • I only drove a maximum of 5 km/h too fast for a short time! > Tolerances Note!
    In this case it’s not a problem at all. The following example: The speed limit is 80 km/h. For example, your speedometer shows the value 88 km/h. You will be flashed. Remember that every speedometer in the car is about 3km/h proceeds! So you actually didn’t drive 88, but only 85 km/h. But now the police have another one tolerance of their measuring device deducted from 3km/h. So there are still 82km/h left. As a rule, you will not hear anything from the police if you exceed the speed limit by 2 km/h. (At speeds over 100km/h are usually deducted from 3% of the speed instead of 3km/h)
  • It flashed even though I was slower than the speed limit!
    This special case also occurs relatively frequently. The problem is that the police have to calibrate the radar devices relatively laboriously when they are set up. This is done with test photos that are taken regardless of the speed driven. Of course, if you were too slow and got flashed, it doesn’t matter to you!
  • It flashed from a toll system from above.
    As part of the truck toll, large white control bridges were installed above the roadway on German autobahns. These are equipped with several small white boxes. Sometimes it seems as if lightning comes out of them when driving through. However, this technology is only relevant for recording the truck toll, no speed measurements are carried out with it!
  • Surely flashed? Legal expenses insurance can help
    If you were flashed and you were really driving too fast, only legal protection insurance can help: With it, you can take legal action against a possible driving ban without having to bear a high cost risk. According to this legal protection insurance comparison, “KS Auxilia” is one of the top insurance companies in the field and costs around 13 euros per month.

If you were actually flashed and didn’t drive 80 km/h too fast, you shouldn’t panic at first. One has often been wrong, often the radar device has just been set up or dismantled and the measurement no longer counts. It also happens quite often that you have clearly driven too fast, but the police/authorities evaluate the data incorrectly or not at all and you therefore do not receive any mail. If you drove too fast and were flashed, you usually get within 3 to 6 weeks Mail from the police of the relevant city.

It all depends on where and how much exactly you speeded. So read on here:

> The speeding and your fines

> Particularities in the case of offenses during the driver’s license probationary period

What does lightning look like? (at 0:40)


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