Henry Classics

Henry Classics

The Henry lever-action rimfire rifle is an easy and reliable firearm to use with correct technique. Simply press the trigger, move levers and hammers until fired; pressing trigger will fire gun!

As creative editor for Penguin Classics, Henry is an expert in all things classic. Recently he met up with t2 to talk all things classics!

Early Life and Education

Henry Adams wrote nearly a century before it was fashionable for kids to outwit their parents when it came to operating VCRs, as people struggled to adapt to rapid technological innovation. In his book The Education of Henry Adams he provided both a memoir and profound contemplation on changes that transformed science, politics, religion and society he knew intimately.

Critics have widely recognized The Education of Henry Adams as one of the great nonfiction works of the twentieth century. Richard P. Blackmur argues that Adams’ depiction of himself and life was an attempt to protest industrialism and technology’s impact on personal values, while Gerrit H. Roelofs contends it serves as a challenge to contemporary audiences to match Adams’ nineteenth century greatness.

Professional Career

Henry made the switch from professional golfer to television host after retiring, hosting various fishing and travel programs on Fins Media Group’s multi-media company and producing two award winning TV series; one was popular Canadian Sportfishing show while Fins & Skins Classic Adventures won multiple awards.

Individuals with classics degrees often work in museums and galleries; they also often hold managerial (9%), education (9%) or non-profit positions (10%). A classical studies degree can lead to careers in administration, study abroad/international programs, library services, admissions or student support roles within education; while for non-profits such as charities they may find employment in research, programming fundraising development volunteer coordination job duties. Finally in corporate environments these graduates might work in public relations marketing sales business development roles.

Achievement and Honors

As the result of generous gifts from alumni and professors emeritus, the department hosts an annual scholarship that provides for study abroad opportunities. Furthermore, an award in memory of Professor John Keaney is bestowed to recognize outstanding senior thesis work.

Students seeking Honors in Classics may seek to write their senior thesis with assistance from an adviser, starting at least by the second semester of junior year. Work toward this project should commence no later than this time.

Students from College of the Canyons (CC) who have demonstrated academic excellence can also be considered for membership of Phi Beta Kappa, one of the oldest national honorary scholastic societies. Grant Bruner from Class 2017 was recently accepted into this renowned society.

Personal Life

As a youth, Henry displayed great intellectual curiosity and talent for languages, music and sports. Additionally, he was highly religious – often attending three masses each day and fasting before hunting trips.

Henry’s extensive canon of short stories was reflective of his varied experiences. His account of New York City life as depicted in Cabbages and Kings and Heart of the West resonated with readers.

He would gather inspiration for his short stories by loitering in hotel lobbies, where he observed and engaged with visitors. This technique would prove instrumental throughout his career and was shown through captivating works like Transients in Arcadia and The Gift of the Magi.

Net Worth

HENRYs find comfort when their after-tax passive investment income covers their basic living expenses such as housing, food, transportation and clothing – including housing costs, utilities costs and clothing expenses. But they still feel uncertain as to whether they have “made it”.

Ernill and Duncan are taking steps to plan for the future. They’ve hired a former IBM veteran as part of their business planning strategy, and wish to increase production “just in case I get hit by a truck.” In fact, Hetty and George — two variants of Henry available with different sizes and colours — have already been introduced at their factory.

Henry may sometimes tip over (he isn’t perfect!) and pack away his hose and wand can be difficult – however his owners still adore him and appreciate his “robot charm.” Perhaps some inspiration came from Star Wars with its whimsical robot characters such as R2-D2.

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