Henry Covington

Henry Covington – A Biography

Henry Covington leads a small congregation in an abandoned church which often remains cold, has an exposed roof and contains holes for ventilation. Henry has a checkered past: once trafficking drugs and admitting breaking several of the Ten Commandments.

Albom’s interviews with Rabbi Lewis and Minister Covington provide him with a compelling picture of faith and community, helping him reawaken his own religious roots.

Early Life and Education

Henry Covington resides in an dilapidated church and leads a congregation of homeless men. Unlike Rabbi Baruch, however, Henry used to smuggle drugs illegally and break laws for a living.

His early years were spent in foster homes for children, where he experienced molestation starting around age five or six. Later on he turned to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while engaging in purse snatching, burglary and armed robbery as adult activities.

Albom initially finds Covington’s claims of faith suspicious; however, numerous interviews with him convince him otherwise and inspire the film about his incredible life – survived by wife Annette and three children; also an accomplished actor.

Professional Career

Henry Covington is a senior staff attorney at our firm and specializes in discovery for litigation and regulatory matters. He manages complex projects involving multiple attorneys using various technology-assisted review platforms to meet project goals.

While at Winthrop, he earned All-Conference honors while averaging 11.4 points and 1.9 rebounds per game for three years – as well as earning All-District and Southern Conference All-Academic recognitions.

Laurence Fishburne stars as Pastor Henry Covington in Have a Little Faith, leading a church in Detroit that ministers to homeless individuals. After years of drugs and crime, Henry finds faith and makes significant life changes after discovering it. Rabbi Albert Lewis (Martin Landau) leads very different lives; yet both have profound effects on Albom.

Achievement and Honors

Covington was an active community leader who engaged in numerous political, religious, and social activities. He helped prevent Santa Monica freeway from cutting through historically black neighborhoods while advocating for more accurate portrayals of African Americans in film. Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in creating the first black YMCA.

He was renowned as an outstanding band director, helping develop instrumental music programs across AISD. Additionally, he was honored with membership into Phi Beta Mu and later awarded induction into Texas Bandmasters Hall of Fame.

Schaf, from Shelby, Nebraska, majors in writing studies, rhetoric and composition at both the College of Arts and Sciences and Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. She participates in both programs’ Renee Crown University Honors Programs as well as earning Dean’s List honors every semester.

Personal Life

Henry Covington resides in a rundown church with a hole in its roof, serving an underserved population and making no profit from running his ministry on his own.

Covington has lived an unusually difficult life. Born and raised in Brooklyn with rats for company, he found himself involved with theft of various kinds–petty theft, purse snatching, grand theft auto theft and even armed robbery–when he reached adulthood.

Mitch Albom first meets Covington and finds him hard to trust when he professes faith, yet repeated interviews eventually persuade him to believe him and eventually finds that Covington is indeed a genuine pastor; together they form an extraordinary relationship while they raise funds for their church, patch the roof leakage and raise awareness about the needs of inner city dwellers.

Net Worth

Henry Covington reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million and is widely known for being an accomplished American mixed martial artist and freestyle wrestler, winning both UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight championships along with being an extremely skilled MMA coach. You can view details about Henry such as Biography, Wife, Age, Height Weight etc here.

Mitch Albom stands as an outstanding example of hard work and commitment being the cornerstone of success, acting as a role model to many young athletes and inspiring eulogies by Mitch Albom himself for those whom society ignores. His unique lifestyle also helps those in need. Mitch Albom often writes eulogies for Mitch; such acts show his kind soul who takes care of those neglected by society.

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