Henry Daghighian

Henry Daghighian

Topic Studios recently earned Searchlight Pictures its strongest limited release since 2019 Oscar winner Jojo Rabbit with its critically acclaimed musical comedy Theater Camp, prompting Searchlight Pictures to hire Jasmine Daghighian as Vice President of Film for their newly formed creative ranks.

She will help the studio expand their film library from development through completion, reporting directly to Heller at their NYC headquarters.

Early Life and Education

Henry Daghighian was born December 18, 1918 in Los Angeles, California and became a well-known musician over time, participating in various projects with other musicians, singers, and dancers. Additionally, he filed numerous patent applications and earned multiple awards during his lifetime.

He currently resides in Austin, Texas and is engaged in various musical collaborations. Notable projects include his work with depression-wave punk group War Boner as well as depression-wave metal outfits Trough and Funeral Doom Metal outfits.

He is well known for his extraordinary use of electric guitar and alto saxophone in improvised musical performances. Additionally, he often incorporates vocal/text works to produce works rooted in concrete poetry traditions but made personal through Persian language usage.

Professional Career

Henry Daghighian has been involved with many film and television projects throughout his career. As director, screenwriter and producer; as well as voice-over work; Henry has contributed his talents to both short and feature length projects; winning various awards along the way.

He currently works at Topic Studios as the Vice President of Film and Production Management. Prior to that he served as Head of Physical Production for Netflix. Furthermore, he was an active partner with 500 Blows Production company as well as Frankie Shaw and Zach Strauss’ Our Lady Productions (Our Lady of the Invisible City Productions).

He is said to have numerous friends and associates, such as Yvette Boostanfar, Desiree Dror and Noriko Saito, among others.

Personal Life

Daghighian currently resides in Los Angeles, California after having lived previously in Santa Monica and New York. Although unmarried, he does have many close associates including Azita Sachmechian, Desiree Dror, Ebrahim Sachmechian, Farhad Daghighian Gorana Sachmechian Jalal Najibi Joel Arash Sach Michael Arash Sedgh Morris Boostanfar Wayne T Ota among many others.

He is an inventor with numerous patent applications and granted patents under his name, as well as numerous music compositions to his credit. Furthermore, he founded “the H gang,” featuring musicians from across the world that has produced several albums to date as well as performed at major venues across the country.

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