Henry H001TM

Henry H001TM – A Classic Lever Action Rifle

With today’s popularity of semi-automatic rifles growing ever greater, it’s refreshing to know that one manufacturer still holds fast to lever action traditions. Henry Big Boy offers one of the smoothest rimfire lever-action rifles on the market and is competitively priced.

Anthony Imperato and his father Louis trademarked the Henry name in 1996 to bring this classic lever-action rimfire back into production after it had been discontinued 131 years earlier.

Early Life and Education

The Henry H001TM lever-action rifle features a cowboy feel. Crafted in America and priced roughly one half to one third less than competing guns, this lever action weapon operates smoothly while being very cost effective.

This gun was initially advertised as a rimfire cowboy rifle, yet its caliber and other features make it so much more. Few other lever-action rifles can fill its niche so this gun makes an excellent option for those searching for something different.

Henry began writing as early as his teens and quickly secured employment as a private secretary for his father while serving in England. Henry wrote extensively on political topics, particularly gold standard debates which ultimately contributed to American Civil War.

Professional Career

The Henry H001 is an elegant lever action rifle with an eye-catching profile that’s popular with Old West enthusiasts. Chambered for rimfire ammunition like.22 Long Rifle and Short, it makes for an excellent target shooting or small game hunting rifle.

Henry offers several versions of their specialty rimfire rifle, each designed for specific calibers and scope types, to meet market demands. Their lever-action mechanism is smooth and reliable with an impressive 2-pound 7-ounce trigger pull, perfect for hunting purposes. I tested one equipped with scope mount, although its integrated rail allows use without magnification as well. Iron sights feature both front hooding and adjustable rear sights to meet this niche in the market.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Repeating Arms has quickly become America’s favorite lever-action rifle manufacturer. Their flagship model, the H001, sells at half to one third the cost of Browning and Marlin models and has earned rave reviews from critics due to its reliability, accuracy and enjoyable shooting experience. Customers and dealers have also appreciated Henry Repeating Arms’ responsiveness as well as innovative marketing practices.

Anthony Imperato credits his team for the company’s growth and success; they are empowered to make decisions that ensure customer satisfaction – which he considers the keystone of any industry. Recently they won a Stevie Award in Customer Service Department of the Year category. Anthony imperato attributes their growth and success to teamwork; winning this Stevie award honor was the result.

Personal Life

Personal life refers to the private aspects of an individual’s existence that is distinct from his or her professional or public persona, including activities and relationships which contribute to feelings of self-worth, happiness and fulfillment.

Though not used since 1860s, Henry made its comeback following Anthony Imperato trademarking and founding Henry Repeating Arms in 1996. Along with his father, Imperato began producing classic lever action rifles based on Benjamin Tyler Henry’s design that have since sold millions – this specific model being Magnum Express with its smooth lever action and smooth 2-pound 7-ounce trigger pull pull.

Net Worth

The Henry H001 classic lever action rifle is an ideal gun for target shooters and small game hunters, thanks to its classic appearance that would appeal to John Wayne fans and its more-than-reasonable price point at half to one third of competitors’ prices. Made in America with an excellent rate of fire, making this gun popular with lever action enthusiasts worldwide; though its value will depend on condition.

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