Henry H011

Henry H011 Review – A Brief History of Henry Repeating Arms

Henry Repeating Arms prides itself on offering American-made guns. Their latest offering, the Original Henry, is no different; in fact it resembles its civil war era predecessor almost exactly, right down to having a serial number starting with BTH to honor its inventor.

The original gun features a hardened brass receiver with equivalent tensile strength to steel; an one-piece 24 1/2-inch octagonal barrel and tube feed; an American walnut buttstock; and an iconic folding ladder rear sight paired with blade front sight.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born into a prominent New Hampshire family. His grandfather invented the wry-fly water wheel which brought prosperity and led to paper mills popping up all around his hometown of Claremont. Henry himself was highly curious and never content with existing conditions; thus creating the ideal conditions for his intellectual growth and expansion.

At work, he was always seeking ways to enhance things. After becoming discontented with his position as factory foreman responsible for daily production, he desired becoming a designer; knowing he possessed all of the necessary skills for that endeavor.

The Original Henry is an elegant firearm with a sleek profile and elegant American walnut stock. Its trigger is smooth and crisp; both lever and hammer are constructed from hardened brass for durability; its barrel has been blued for corrosion resistance; additionally, there is a ladder-style rear sight graduated to 800 yards for added accuracy.

Personal Life

Henry was rarely content with his work and often found himself frustrated by the daily tasks associated with production. This caused unhappiness that ultimately resulted in his untimely demise at 49 years of age.

Anthony Imperato had always dreamed of becoming more than just a foreman, and in 1996 this dream was realized when he trademarked and founded a new company under the Henry name to produce its Henry H001 lever-action rifle, over 130 years after its predecessor first hit production lines in 1860.

The original, heirloom-quality model utilizes a hardened brass receiver with the same tensile strength as steel and one-piece octagonal barrel, as well as fancy grade American walnut furniture, classic folding ladder rear sight with drift adjustable blade front sight, folding ladder rear sight folding ladder rear sight, drift adjustable blade front sight, half-cock safety hammer notch, and half-cock safety hammer notch safety measures.

Net worth

Henry of Grosmont was a British nobleman, soldier, politician and member of the English royal family. With an estimated net worth of $85.1 billion at his death he was one of the richest and most powerful peers during his lifetime. Born to Maud Chaworth (daughter of Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster) and George Bolingbroke (1st Duke of Lancaster).

The Henry Original H011 rifle comes in various calibers and barrel lengths to meet your shooting needs and generation requirements. Its hard chrome plated metal receiver and traditional black-stained American fancy grade walnut stock make this rifle truly exceptional.

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