Henry Hinkle

Henry Hinkle – Gastroenterologist in Monroe, LA

Henry Hinkle is a gastroenterologist in Monroe, LA with over 23 years of experience as a graduate from Louisiana State University/Alexandria Campus. He accepts multiple insurance plans.

Hinkle participated in a Heterodoxy club with Elsie Clews Parsons of Elsie Clews Parsons Anthropology Services who discussed her fieldwork among Pueblo Indians with Ruth Benedict’s classic study Patterns of Culture.

Early Life and Education

Henri Hinkle was born in Pennsylvania, USA to Paul H Hinkle and Esther R Hinkle and had two brothers and three sisters. Henri was known for being extremely curious, fearless, passionate about travel writing, genealogy books/CDs created for children grandchildren nieces nephews as gifts from him he created through genealogy research for them as well as creating many family trees with relatives abroad.

He earned his doctorate at Louisiana State University / Alexandria Campus in 1999 and now practices gastroenterology with over 23 years of experience, with expertise in pancreatic and gastrointestinal diseases.

Henri’s grandparents emigrated from Switzerland and Germany. His father was a Presbyterian minister while his mother was a homemaker. Henri lived on Hidaway Farm near Paris City Schools until becoming a lifelong resident of both Paris and Bourbon County.

Professional Career

Henry Hinkle III, MD is an expert gastroenterology practitioner located in Monroe, LA with over 23 years of experience. A graduate from Louisiana State University/Alexandria Campus, Henry is affiliated with Saint Francis Medical Center and Glenwood Regional Medical Center.

He was instrumental in founding a community center and serving on the board of Neighborhood Playhouse. Additionally, he has long been active with American Theatre Association and won several awards and nominations over time.

Hinkle wrote extensively during the 1920s on topics pertaining to women, education and politics that she considered progressive. She became close with Constance Long and introduced Jung’s works into English via translations such as Symbols of Transformation and Psychoanalysis of the Unconscious into English-language publications. Hinkle was also an active member of Liberal Club which counted muckraker journalist Lincoln Steffens among its ranks.

Achievement and Honors

Hinkle Chair Company remains family-run and offers an expanding selection of rocking chairs as well as dining room tables, hutches and buffets.

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau joined forces for this screwball comedy about an amateur sports cameraman (Hinkle) being pressured into falsifying an injury claim by his dishonest lawyer brother-in-law in order to collect an insurance payment. It premiered in 1966 and grossed over a $1 million worldwide gross.

Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus celebrated their students’ accomplishments and honors during its 2019 Honors Day ceremony, held April 9 at McGowan Workforce Training Center. Students received academic and career technical awards for excellence in their major, program or extracurricular activities.

Personal Life

Henry Hinkle was an active member of the Christian Church and made generous contributions towards its support. A Republican in politics, Henry owned lots of property and supported his large family with ease. People loved Henry for being such a pleasant individual – many even considered him family!

He was also an enthusiastic horse breeder and co-breeder of several race horses. He participated in bloodstock acquisition, mating and yearling sales – his passion lay with thoroughbreds which he would share freely with those interested.

Hinkle family began supplementing their income by farming and hand-carving ladder-back chairs from oak, hickory and beech during summer days; assembly would occur in winter. Due to high demand, farming was abandoned altogether in favour of full time chair production.

Net Worth

Hinkle graduated from San Clemente High School and quickly made his mark as a professional golfer, playing various professional tours and earning considerable amounts through tournaments he competed in – often between $5 to $10 Million annually!

He is currently married to Marin Hinkle and they share one child together. Since marrying Marin Hinkle he has worked tirelessly on his career while maintaining an ideal lifestyle for himself and is also an active board member of National Wild Turkey Federation.

Central Bank was concerned that Hinkle’s amendment could be seen as providing Philadelphia Gear with an unlimited credit limit, which would have violated their loan agreement terms. Therefore, Central Bank asked MGIC to assist in settlement negotiations between both parties.

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